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With our Enterprise Management and Automation Software for Amazon PPC

Zon.Tools automates Amazon Sponsored Products best practices and allows you to manage your Campaigns in an unprecedented way

Our Smart Engines are extremely flexible and can adapt to any Amazon Advertising strategy or goal.

  Affordable Solution Improved Conversions      Higher Revenue

Our Proprietary Algorithmic Engines

Auto-Mate 3.0™

AM 3.0 engine will efficiently adjust your Keywords' and Targets' bids to help you reach your ACoS goals.
The AM 3.0 algorithm will calculate and adjust your bid up or down to help maximize sales all while optimizing toward your ACoS limits.

KeyWord Miner™

KWM Engine will constantly scan your reports and add any relevant, converting Customer Search Term back into our system. This will organically grow your campaigns in a controlled "100% automated" environment.
This Automation currently works only on our system generated PGNs*

Target Miner™

TM Engine will constantly scan your reports and add any relevant, converting ASIN back into your ASIN Ad-Group. This will organically grow your ad reach in a controlled "100% automated" way.
This Automation currently works only on our system generated PGNs*

Bid Gambler™

If your Keywords' or Targets' bids are too low, BG will periodically increase the bid up until you start getting more impressions and ultimately clicks.


TI Engine will constantly scan your reports and negate any bleeding term where needed, improving your Auto, Broad and Phrase campaigns matching capabilities.

This Automation currently works only on our system generated PGNs*


AA Engine will constantly scan your reports and negate any bleeding ASIN where needed, improving your AUTO and Product Targeting campaigns' matching capabilities.

This Automation currently works only on our system generated PGNs*

KeyWord Guardian™

KWG Engine will make sure that you are not overspending on any Exact keyword, pausing them when they reach a certain spend threshold with no sales.Additionally, KWG will constantly check your account and drop bid to your min. bid for low performing keywords, as well as restore last bid for recovered well-performing ones.

KeyWord Recycler™

KWR Engine is always on the lookout for any low performing keyword and calculate a new, updated optimal bid based on our algorithms. Optional, KWR will test this new keyword/bid pair in a separate set-up for easier result tracking.

Bid Nailer™

BN will work constantly toward adjusting bids based on your Exact keywords' average cost per click and your strategy.
Bid Nailer and Bid Gambler Engines work together to optimize the bid of each keyword in your account.

*PGNs are proprietary Campaign – AdGroup setups that our system generates and fully manages for you in order to leverage the full potential of Amazon Matching Algorithm and Sponsored Products API while staying within the TOS Amazon dictates. Watch video here

Launch Your Campaigns Quickly

Segmented Campaign Set up with just a click

Our PPC Software will ask you all that is needed for our Engines to perform intelligent actions on your account so to optimize for whatever goal you have (visibility, velocity, profit, or a mix)
You will be able to set up rules and thresholds at Campaign level, Ad Group level or go as granular as setting up custom thresholds for each specific keyword.


Our Numbers

$ 1 M
Customer Sales Monthly
$ 1 M
Ad Spend Managed Monthly
1 %
ACoS Cost of Sales Average

Key Features

What Does It Mean For You?

Maximize Advertising Sales and Amazon Ads Performance

Take Guesswork out of Amazon Pay per Click

Create well structured Campaigns on Autopilot

Reduce Overall account Acos and Improve Profits

Focus More On Growing Your Business

Save Hundreds of Hours by Automating Your Amazon Sponsored Ads Campaigns

Expand Advertising in other Countries and Languages

Leverage Our Profitable Advertising Strategy

Hit Your Target Acos with Just a Few Clicks and Increase Amazon Sales

Stay Ahead Of The Competition with improved Amazon product ranking

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I want to give Zon Tools a 6 stars rating! I would have given it 5 stars if it had just been a game changer, but the reality is that this Amazon PPC management tool is a real Life Changer! I watched never-ending videos, followed the directions of several gurus and some snake oil sellers and spent endless boring hours "optimizing" overcomplicated campaigns ending up tired and frustrated. The tradeoff seemed to be clear: high ACOS for some extra sales or low ACOS and few units sold, until I tried Zon Tools. Let's be honest I was quite skeptical at the beginning, there could not possibly be a completely hands-off way to .....
Just readjusted all my campaigns with the bulk editor and i was able to do them all at once, set them all up perfectly and now i will just go back and make a few other adjustments with the advanced search feature to move over some good performers this holiday season. The reason i am telling you this is i think back to last year, i had to do this all manually, was running a ridiculous amount of campaigns and spend was out of control. In addition to the ad spend we have saved using ZT, man, you have saved me so much time. Thank you for sharing this tool with us. It really is a powerful tool if used correctly. So tonight I can actually go out now that i know ZonTools has my back and is running everything for me.
Can't explain how happy I am with - it really turned my PPC around right out of the box. I think the graph below with a little explanation will show more than a detailed review.Product: I implemented in full by March 12th. It took probably around 20 hours to set up in total as I have 6 marketplaces and around 200 total campaigns, which you need to set individual rules for each. Since then my average ACoS has dropped from mid 40% to an average 28% which has actually made my PPC profitable in a mid-competition niche. The graph is a little skewed by stock-outs and new product launches....
Big KUDOS to the team. I picked up an account with a very complex setup (a lot of SKUs and with variations). Campaign setup were poorly done and performance were out of whack. It came to me with monthly ave ACoS of about 146%, daily spent $240.00. After some cleaning up and running automations following the instructions and recommendations. Within 2.5 weeks the ACoS came down to 49.41% with daily spent of $120.00 and monthly sales increased by 24%. The account owner is pleased beyond words and I am in awe of how powerful this software is. The support is responsive and matchless...
Zon.Tools is the best PPC tool I've used and I've used them all (PPC Scope, PPC Entourage, Teikametrics, Prestozon, etc). One way or another they fell short because they were not flexible enough to do what I needed. I love that the tool is communicating with Amazon MULTIPLE times a day and making adjustments as needed based on your defined criteria. The team really understands PPC and they help you understand how the PPC algorithm...
Well, December isn't quote over yet, but I am looking at my numbers anyway.Sales improved by 48.5% YOY for the month of December, which is good in and off itself.My margin improved by 12%.. 9 points of that was due to a decrease in PPC spend, 3 due to mix changes.
The improvement in PPC was totally due to turning over my management to Zon.Tools
My margin was good before - but now it's excellent - and that additional 9% of sales that I get to keep in my pocket is incredible.
Thank you Zon Tools for helping me to make my Christmas even merrier this year.
5* Review! In the time we have been with Zon.Tools, we have been constantly amazed at the capabilities and performance of the system, the availability and responsiveness of Stefano and Tarik and the speed with which they implement updates and features. This tool has totally changed the way we approach PPC (for the better) and has saved us countless hours of management. It's quite amazing and I can't recommend it enough!
I love a lot. It automate the labor intensive and time consuming PPC KW analyzing tasks with a very smart methodology. We can use PNG to target specific groups of KW and dig down the most profitable money-making KW, while take out those unprofitable one back in the campaigns to further examine whether will be profitable again or not in the future all in automated fashion. Thanks for creating such an amazing automated system.
Still in the early stages (haven't started any PGNs yet) but here are the results so far (over all campaigns) comparing 21 days before & 21 days after implementation.
ACOS -20%
PPC Profit +57%
PPC Sales +40%
PPC Spend +28%
CPC -14%
I’m using and can thoroughly recommend it. Its algorithm means that I can set rules on bids and budgets and the automations do the rest. I’m no longer getting blinded by spreadsheets! I’ve still got a lot to learn but the guys are approachable and run regular live events for questions!!
This is the best PPC tool I've tried so far. They go deep in every aspect of PPC and they managed to create a fully automated system. This saves me a few hours a week of optimization. The layout is perfect: easy to understand and to see all the stats. The support from this guys is also top notch. You can't ask for more.
Highly recommend Zon.Tools. I was using Teika.... not only is expensive but confusing as well is not user friendly at all.
In the other hand Zon.Tools is simple and Stefano and his partner are extremely responsive with questions and improvements on the platform!
I love Zon.Tools so much. It makes it a lot easier to manage PPC on my accounts especially when you have a lot of campaigns running. The PGN feature is great. Really intuitive and works great. Thanks guys.
Zon.Tools is 100% Awesome, it blows the competition away in terms of functionality, flexibility, ease of use and ultimately performance in controlling ACoS and driving sales. Great job Stefano and Tarik
ZonTools is amazing. It automates all your amazon PPC campaigns removing the need for manual PPC management. The support from their team is very good. Highly recommend!
Been using this for a few weeks now, its simply fantastic, automates the whole Amazon ppc process, I wouldnt want to be without it 😀
I've tried PPC scope and PPC entourage but is really impressive and for me it is better overall. Highly recommend this tool to anyone
Since using Zon Tools the ACOS on one of our lead products has been reduced from 40% down to 24%.
We are very happy!
Excited to say that we have been running Zon.Tools for maybe 4 months. We have completely turned off all of our old campaigns and now everything is automated. Our acos is lower than its ever been for the amount that we are spending and it’s getting consistently lower every week. (About 2-3% lower per week for the last 5 weeks while spending the same amount).We are excited to ramp up our spend and see what happens!!