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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

As the leading  Amazon advertising optimization platform, Zon.Tools helps Amazon retailers, brands and agencies across the globe stay competitive. We help you grow your revenues and increase your profitability selling on Amazon. 

Since its launch in 2017, the platform is fast becoming renowned for its unique strategy of managing Amazon advertising bids through automation, as well as segmentation, which allows sellers to bid exclusively on keywords that drive conversion and more. 

With an open platform, our Zon.Tools engine directly connects you and your Amazon reports working 24/7 to analyze and perform intelligent actions, increasing your bottom line and growing your brand online. 

Our Journey

While e-commerce is the future of shopping, Zon.Tools was never meant to be on the market. Originally designed in 2016, Zon.Tools’ powerful engines were meant as a single-use system for an online enterprise. Zon.Tools’ founders realized that there was nothing on the market that genuinely protects and helps Amazon sellers from manually managing their PPC in a granular way

Zon.Tools was conceived to take on the challenge of simplifying the world of the Amazon algorithm. Consistently gaining an estimated monthly profit level of a quarter of a million in its initial testing, it was clear Zon.Tools is too much of a game-changer to not share and deploy to other fellow Amazon sellers

Built by sellers for sellers, our Zon.Tool team develops our engines based on our shared needs to meet Amazon’s constantly changing environment. 

With Zon.Tools, you are equipped to better manage your seller accounts. We help you quickly grow your business, introducing your brand and products to millions of customers across Amazon’s marketplaces through Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display Ads.