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July 2019

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amazon ppc hacks

7 Amazing Amazon PPC and Sponsored Product Hacks

As the most valuable public company in the world, Amazon provides great income opportunities. Thanks to its ease of use and quick delivery, it’s immensely popular Better yet, it makes it convenient for sellers to use their platform to distribute their products. The challenge, however, is the sheer number of people using it. Like getting a stall at a crowded market, many sellers can find it difficult to get


Names Length

You can now customize onscreen name’s length! Here you can set a global name length and it will be applied to all column names in all dashboards. Depending on what screen size you are working on, this might help in removing the three dots (…) you might see when the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords and Search Terms names are too long. Have a feature request? Post Your Feature Request

automating mistakes amazon

Don’t Fall for Automation Fails: 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Automating Mistakes for Amazon

Automation is taking over the technological landscape, including the retail industry. This is big news for Amazon sellers who are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition. But understanding artificial intelligence isn’t as easy as it looks. Unfortunately, many Amazon retailers fail when implementing an automation strategy. Half of the automation projects fail because of the wrong process choice, as well as insufficient change management. Fortunately


About Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is a full-scope enterprise automation and management solution for Amazon Sponsored Products.
It is the fastest, most advanced Amazon PPC Automation tool currently on the market.
It automates all Sponsored Products best practices and is flexible/granular enough to adapt to any PPC strategy or goal.

Ignite your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads!

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