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August 2019

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The Basics of Amazon Advertising featured image

Ch. 1: The Basics of Amazon Advertising

When Amazon’s online selling site first came out in 1995, it described itself as “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore.” It came at a time when bookstores, like Barnes & Noble and Crown Books, were all the rage. Without the physical constraints of a brick-and-mortar shop, Amazon quickly dominated the online landscape with sales totaling $148 million in 1997. Today, Amazon has evolved from a bookstore to the largest online retailer. The

The Definitive Guide to Understanding Amazon Gated Categories Featured Image

The Definitive Guide to Understanding Amazon Gated Categories

You find a great product to sell via Amazon FBA. You check out the estimated search volume, look at the competition, and get an idea of how much profit you can make per sale. Things start looking exciting, and you start figuring out how to source the products. Just when you start thinking that everything is in place, you find out that the product is “gated.” Darn! Table of


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