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2. PGN Tutorials

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2.3.11 – PGN Repair Tool

You can now repair old PGNs and bring them up to date to a PGN 2.0 (adding the PAT campaign and Ad Groups) You can archive a whole PAT Ad Group and the Repair Tool will perfectly restore the PAT campaign. If you experience a rating or prices change, simply archive the BRAND and CATEGORY Ad Group and you can use the Repair Tool to make it again from scratch. When

PGN Maintenance

2.6 PGN Maintenance

PPC Automations are nice and cool, but nothing beats your brain. Keyword Miner automation will mine based on the “Relevancy Trigger” setting, which by default is 2. This means that we will mine a Customer Search Term not only if it fits within your thresholds, but also only after it generates the 2nd sale. This might never happen, or happen but over a very long period. If you have time to

Troubleshoot Low or Zero Impressions

2.5.1 – Troubleshoot Low or Zero Clicks/Impressions

Is your product indexed for the Keywords you are bidding on? Is your product in Stock? Is your product winning the Buy Box The answer should be YES to all 3 above, otherwise, your ads will not receive any impressions. Is there an error at the campaign or ad group level? This needs to be checked on Seller Central. Are your ads (products inside your Ad Groups) “Pending Review“, “Not Eligible“,

Switching to PGNs

2.4 Switching to PGNs

Objective: Transition from aged campaign gradually to new campaign without turning off old campaigns suddenly Steps: Copy well-performing Keywords and Search Terms over to the new PGN. (Use steps in Create a PGN from Existing Keywords or Search Terms) Set your desired parameters/ Rules (Threshold Builder). Make sure the PGN is bidding just a bit higher than your old manual campaign. Let the new PGN 5 days run and be picked

Clickable E P B A icons

2.3.10 – Clickable E, P, B, A icons

Transcription: We made the PGN icons for Exact, Phrase, Broad, these icons here and Auto campaigns clickable so that whenever you want to navigate directly to the Auto campaign within the PGN, you won’t have to see all the campaigns, but simply click on whatever campaign you want to work directly. In this case, let’s say this is the PGN. I want to see specifically the phrase campaign within

Bulk Add SKUs to PGN

2.3.9 – Bulk Add SKUs to PGN

Transcription: We recently added the ability to add SKUs of products to a PGN from your spreadsheet rather than copy-pasting the SKUs.  To do that I’ll go here at the product page, or inside whatever campaign or Ad group you want to take products out. Again, this is just an example. I will go ahead here and select all the SKUs. I will decide to add all these product

Bulk add existing Negative Keywords to a PGN

2.3.8 – Bulk add existing Negative Keywords to a PGN

Transcription: The last step of this functionality is to add terms as negatives. In order to add a term as negative, I’m going to simply run a different search. I’m going to reset this search. Click the reset button and I’m going to search afresh. Click Advanced. This time I opt to find some. We’re looking for any term that received less than one order. Order 7 is lower than


2.3.7 – Bulk add existing Keywords to a PGN

Transcription: Another action you can take is that you can simply add the same term you selected earlier. You can add them as keywords to existing PGNs if you want to. Why would you need to do this? Let’s say you have a relevancy trigger of 2 on a PGN and periodically, once a week you might want to go inside the PGN custom search term report. You might want


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