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2.2 How to Create a PGN

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Creating a PGN

2.2.1 – Creating a PGN

   Transcription: Hello and welcome to the Zon Tools PGN Tutorial Series. In this video I’m going to show you how to create a PGN. In the previous video we covered what PGN is within our system. To begin you can use the Add New button which is at the top right of every page of our platform, or you can open the left menu and select the

How to Create a PGN

2.2 How to Create a PGN

2.2.1 – Creating a PGN 2.2.2 – Threshold Builder 2.2.3 – Staggered PGN Default Bid 2.2.4 – Staggered PGN Daily Budget 2.2.5 – Add Initial SKUs to PGN 2.2.6 – Add Initial Keywords to PGN 2.2.7 – PGN Sync Buttons 2.2.8 – Checking your PGN 2.2.9 – Create a PGN from Existing Keywords or Search Terms 2.2.10 – Keywords Relevancy and How to Choose Them 2.2.11 – Pat Ad


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