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1.5.8 – Rule’s Time Frame

You can now select the Rule’s Time Frame! Set the amount of data we look at in order to run our algorithms to adjust your bids, mine and negate search terms. We advise all users to switch to “Last 60 days”


Finally! On the Fly Bidding for Exact Match

Important points:   Any NEW Campaign (created after 4th June) whether created on Seller Central or on Zon.Tools is now by default fully automated with Auto-Mate 3.0, including Exact match keywords Any existing Campaign or PGN is still working the way it used to:– Auto-Mate 3.0 for Targets, Phrase, Broad– Keyword Guardian, Keyword Recycler, Big Nailer (Legacy Exact Automation) for Exact You will now see a “Legacy Exact Automation” toggle that will allow you to switch any Exact keyword or campaign between AM 3.0 and


Finally! On the Fly Bidding for Phrase and Broad Matches

Few important points: AM 3.0 is applying bid adjustment at the TARGET level (including new AUTO), PHRASE and BROAD keywords, and still at ad group level for legacy AUTOcampaigns. We are only applying Auto-Mate 3.0 to enabled entities (whether B, P or T). Bidding will be limited by your Min. Bid and Max. Bid settings, and calculated based on your Target ACoS and likelihood of conversion. In the presence of sales, AM 3.0 will never Increase nor Decrease your bid more than 20%/day In the absence of sales, if


You Can Now Bring Up to Date Your Legacy PGNs!

NEW Live features on all accounts! PGN Repair Tool (tutorial 2.3.11) PAT Exclusion Toggles (tutorial 2.2.11) PGN Repair Tool Update your old PGNs (bring them up to PGN 2.0) adding a PAT campaign and it’s 4 Ad Groups: DEFENSE ASIN CATEGORY BRAND You can also use this on already existing PGN 2.0 in order to update your price/rating segmenting of you BRAND and CATEGORY Ad Groups (remember to archive “old” targets


Bidding Automation for Targets

We don’t have shiny graphs yet (we will have soon anyway) but we covered what makes money for you. We now are the first platform to offer you a fully automated experience for the new EAT and PAT targets. NEW Live Features on All Accounts! Target Miner: mining of good ASINs ASIN-Ator: negating of bad ASINs (yes, we c n negate from Auto Ad-Groups too!!) Auto-Mate: is now working on

Smart Navigation

Smart Navigation is Back!

February 08 2019 We tweaked Smart Navigation. As some of you already know (Facebook Live Feb 07 2019), we have just completed tweaking our Smart Navigation feature to accommodate the changes made recently at the dashboard level, namely: Targets Dashboard (Live since Jan 2019) Targets Search Term Dashboard (Live since Jan 2019) Negative Targets Dashboard (New! for rollout soon) Negative Keywords Dashboard (New! for rollout soon) Campaign Negative Keywords Dashboard(New!


About Zon.Tools

Zon.Tools is a full-scope enterprise automation and management solution for Amazon Sponsored Products.
It is the fastest, most advanced Amazon PPC Automation tool currently on the market.
It automates all Sponsored Products best practices and is flexible/granular enough to adapt to any PPC strategy or goal.

Ignite your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads!

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