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Analyze and manage your Sponsored Products faster and more efficiently than anything out there
$ 9 / Per month
  • Risk-Free 30-Day $1 Trial
  • Manually Manage Campaigns
  • NA, EU, MX, JP, IN, AU
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Keywords


Semi-automate your Amazon Ads and master your recurrent management processes
$ 19 / Per month
  • Risk-Free 30-Day $1 Trial
  • Everything from Analyzer Plan
  • KeyWord Guardian™
  • KeyWord Recycler™
  • Bid Gambler™
  • Bid Nailer™
  • Auto-Mate™


Dominate your niche with our full suite of PPC Automation and Management tools
$ 25 / Per month
  • Risk-Free 30-Day $1 Trial
  • Everything from Masterer Plan
  • Proprietary PGN Structure
  • KeyWord Miner™ and Target Miner™
  • Term-Inator™ and ASIN-Ator™
  • All Upgrades Included

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Take Control of Your PPC

Track every detail. Navigating and managing your data has never been easier than this.

Time is Money

Saving time saves you money! We optimize your Amazon PPC automatically

All Upgrades Included

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The 30-Day $1 Trial Include?

Full, unlimited access to ALL Zon.Tools powerful management and automation features.

Do I Have To Sign a Contract?​


No contracts, no cancellation fees.

What Countries/Marketplaces Are Supported?

Zon.Tools supports all North American, European, Mexico, Japan, India and Australia marketplaces.

The only two marketplaces we don't currently support is China.

Where is my Amazon PPC Data Stored?

Your advertising reports are stored in our secure hosted database with a major database provider.

At any point you have the option to do a full delete which means data is removed completely from our servers.

Will Zon.Tools work with existing campaigns?


Zon.Tools will start to make changes on your behalf to any existing campaign only after you have assigned the thresholds for our rules to run on.

How Do I Sign Up?

Select the plan you want to sign up for above (based on your monthly spend), and enter your information to get started with your 30-Day $1 Risk Free Trial.

Setup is incredibly simple with our Amazon partnership.
Login and transfer your advertising data through Amazon’s secure interface.

What are the Payment Terms?

We offer a 30-Day $1 Risk Free Trial.

Plans can be canceled at anytime with one click.
We don't make you email us or anything shady.

One click cancel, no commitments.

Can I control multiple Accounts or Marketplaces under ONE dashboard?


Although you will be billed separately for each marketplace, you can control any number of Seller Central accounts under one Zon.Tools login and unified dashboard as long as that email address has PPC permissions for each account/marketplace.

Is my data secure?


As long-time software professionals, we take security very seriously.
We can only see your advertising data with our API permission.

We don't have access to your Amazon credentials so no one can steal your password from us.

Does Zon.Tools automatically identify negative terms?


Zon.Tools smart engines automatically identifies Search Terms that are not driving customers to purchase your products and creates negative keywords to block them.

This means your Amazon ads are only targeting the best and most relevant keywords for your Amazon Sponsored Products.

Can I Cancel My Account?


You can cancel your subscription anytime, no questions asked.

You will be charged only $1 if you cancel before your 30-Day Trial expires.

How is my tier determined?

Every month we'll look at your previous 30-day total account spend and bill you accordingly.

You'll be billed separately per account, but you can see all of them from one Zon.Tools login.

If you are a PPC consultant with multiple client accounts, contact us for discount pricing using the form above.

Does Zon.Tools work with AMS or HSA?

No, currently Zon.Tools only works with Amazon Sponsored Products.

This is the main ad platform for Amazon Sellers accessible through the “Campaign Manager” section under your Seller Central account.

How many keywords and products can Zon.Tools handle?

Zon.Tools can crunch through accounts with millions of keywords and thousands of products.
Our software is built for speed and power.
There isn’t an account we can’t handle.
We can process your data, automate it, and give you actionable insight faster than any spreadsheet or competitor can.

Will Zon.Tools lower my ACoS?

Zon.Tools was made to help automate the task of optimizing your PPC spend on Amazon.
If you don't currently stay on top of your advertising campaigns, Zon.Tools will likely yield favorable results.
However, due to so many outside factors (product niche, listing quality, competition, pricing, etc.), we can't guarantee any result.

What's your refund policy?

We will move mountains to make sure you are happy with Zon.Tools.

If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, let us know why and we'll refund your $1 Trial fee.

What happens if I surpass my Tier spen threshold?

You will automatically move to the next plan up.

How do you access my PPC Data?

Our software only needs permission to access to Amazon Advertising API.

Although we can’t see your product listings, customer data, or anything else with the new Amazon Advertising API, it is far more detailed than the reports in Seller Central.

This makes setup much easier than with other tools.

How often is my data updated and campaigns optimized?

Your PPC data is updated 10 times a day, and Zon.Tools optimization engines (algorithms) runs every 6 hours, including Keyword Miner™ (mining profitable Search Terms to keywords) and Term-Inator™ (negating non profitable Search Terms)

I have a very small account. Is Zon.Tools right for me?

If you’re new to Amazon PPC or have a small niche, don’t worry, we thought of you.
We have a TWO special low-price plans just for accounts that spend under $1,000 a month.

Grow your Amazon Store and rest well knowing your lightyears ahead of your competition.