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How Does A+ Amazon Content Get Better Sales Leads

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How does A+ Amazon content get better sales leads featured image

Who doesn’t want to get their sale increased, especially on platforms like Amazon?

Every business qualitatively demands originality. The same is the case with Amazon; they prefer using uniqueness and standard content.

However, in this article, we will discuss how A+ content benefits your sale.

Before learning the benefits of A+ content, you should know what the A+ content is all about?

A+ Content is Amazon’s premium content feature that helps in making the product description better. In this way, the following things are allowed to add in description:

  • HD Videos
  • HQ Images of products
  • Comparison charts with similar products

There are 16 additional features in A+ premium content. This feature works on invitation bases while its a paid option is a bit expensive.

The reason behind using this feature is to enhance the customer’s experience as well as increase sales. In this way, the buyer can know each and everything about the product without any problem.

How it increases sales?

In today’s world, everyone wants to make their time-efficient. Hence, we can say that nowadays people don’t have much time to spend on a specific thing.

Similarly, people use to spend less time on online shopping. They mostly don’t go to read lengthy descriptions and features list.

There was a time when the product descriptions are in thousands of words. However, the time has changed because the visuals replace these descriptions in the products.

The primary reason is that people love to know about the product through a quick video introduction.

One of the benefits is that people better understand videos or images than get the product overview through the description.

They need to ask fewer questions about it. Below is an example of description vs. visuals:

Left images include video, small description, and image, helping the buyer to understand better. While on the right side, the bullets are not providing them enough information about the product.

The content in the short description should be up to the mark and unique. An increase in productivity and uniqueness is possible.

If you write unique content for your product and if your competitor is selling the same product, your content may seem the same, so you can use some online tools to make your content unique.

Different paraphrasing tools are available online for free. You can use the sentence rephraser by or by

It’s a fantastic tool that provides the replacement of most of the words while maintaining the content’s idea.

You can use this tool to remove plagiarism in your product’s description, as Amazon doesn’t allow duplicate content.

Benefits of A+ Content feature

The primary aim of A+ content is to modernize your product. Having enhanced product descriptions obviously, increases your sales.

A customer with the option of comparing your product with competitors will go for choosing the best one.

Overall, this way will lead the customer’s attention and pitch a positive impression.

We have mentioned some more benefits of A+ content.

Grab customer’s attention

Customers usually never check only a single product; instead, it drives for inspecting multiple products before purchasing.

Besides, they also want to get more product information in less time. For this, many sellers use to display visuals for better understanding in a quick time.

If the product is scientific, then the customer might need a tutorial. This way, the customer can have the video for understanding how to use the product.

Many sellers use the practice of posting the pictures and explaining about the product parts by parts. This is a best practice as it helps the customer to easily learn anything about the product.

Easy to skim the information

In some cases, the customer requires some specific features or functions. If they start going through all the descriptions then it might need time and effort.

However, through A+ content, it’s easier to skim the information for what the customer is finding.

Get eyes on the product

Whether it’s social media or eCommerce site, the customer eye always breaks on visuals.

The customer trusts more on the visually displayed product in comparison to the text described product. Original pictures help the buyer to know the real view of what they are purchasing.

Product Branding

According to, the product with A+ content features usually gets 10% more sales. The reason is that the product branding gets more advanced and up to the standard.

The famous brands on Amazon always use A+ content features. They declare it the best platform for advertising.

People use to avoid online shopping because they want to buy products by seeing them physically.

Amazon A+ has made it easier for these as customers now see all the sights of the product digitally.

When a customer seeks a product, there come thousands of similar products. However, posting through A+ content helps your product to be ranked and comes under their recognition.


Customers always favor of watching more products to compare price, features, functions, colors, reviews along with feedback.

A+ content feature will make your product into comparison with others. Amazon usually compares your product with another product that is similar to you.

Fewer Returns

Every seller wants less return rate. Customers usually return the product on two bases: if they had the wrong product or they got an unexpected thing.

Getting complete videos and images will help them know more about the product. They will know all about the product before finalizing the order.

More and better reviews

Who doesn’t want better reviews? Of course, everyone.

Having customer satisfaction will create more reviews. When customers get the expected and said item, they review it for referring to others.

If you provide complete detail with visuals, their expectations will be according to the product you are showing them visually.

New customers to your shop will always compare positive and negative reviews.

The more you have a 5-star rating, the more you will have a sale. The above product contains more than 88% positive reviews out of 431 reviews. This increases customers’ reliability and trust.


Not everyone on the amazon has A+ content. You need to complete and pass the amazon’s policies for A+ content.

According to Amazon, those sellers who have registered into Amazon brand registry 2.0 are eligible for the A+ Content feature.

Tarik Ozkan

Tarik Ozkan

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