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How to Help Automate Client Management and Engagement

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Client management and engagement are the basis of business success and client commitment. Usually, it takes several positive encounters to earn your client’s loyalty and trust — and just a single negative meeting to lose it.

Traditionally, there was only one way of managing and engaging your clients — having a one-on-one conversation with them when they visited your brick and mortar shop. Today, there are minimal hindrances on where, how, and when you can engage with potential and existing clients. For instance, you can talk with your customers through their social media all day and across the borders.

Currently, the best solution to efficiently manage and engage your clients is to automate your business processes. Automation tools can function around the clock, even when you’re offline, but your clients are online and require attention.

Here’s how you can automate client management and engagement in your company.

1. Use Automated Email and SMS Marketing Campaigns

Once you get potential clients to sign up for your email newsletter or to provide you with their contact details, use these contacts wisely. For instance, you can send a personalized email thanking them for signing up and create a unique messaging campaign. You can twist your message to suit each client’s needs that led them to reach out to your business.

With most customer relationship management and engagement tools or email marketing tools, you can scale your email and SMS marketing campaigns according to HubSpot. Your marketing campaigns’ primary objective is to convert every lead into a loyal customer. You should then engage them to ensure they return to your company to buy more from you.

Automated marketing tools are perfectly suited for this purpose as they send automatic emails and SMS that engage your clients. Using these tools, you can give your clients an impression that you are managing and engaging with them directly. You can achieve this by setting captivating welcome emails/SMS, estimates, and quotes they receive on their phones.

2. Automate Invoicing and Payments Reminders

Cash flow management is a considerable challenge for most start-up companies. Late payments can lead to difficulties, such as paying business premise rent to homeowners insurance in Quebec. Besides, some late payments can result in bad debts, leading to business losses.

As such, you can use invoicing tools to create your invoices automatically, send automated payment notifications and reminders. In the end, these tools help you to automate client management and engagement while avoiding the pressure that might result from sending personal emails.

3. Use Social Listening and Monitoring Tools

The main reason for having social media presence is to manage and engage with your clients. Unfortunately, most of you use these platforms casually — checking posts and comments and writing responses when you feel like doing so.

Nowadays, many social listening and business monitoring tools help you establish, assemble, and create responses to social media posts or comments. These tools can also allow you to set alerts to notify you if a client mentions your business without tagging you. It becomes easy to identify and respond to complaints or acknowledge a compliment made by your client that you could have easily missed.

4. Automate Customer Service Using AI Chatbots

Today, most businesses are leveraging chatbots to collect client inquiries. The AI and machine learning-enabled bots can respond to some of your clients’ questions without involving a person. They also provide clients peace of mind that their requests have been received, and they will get responses soon. Eventually, this plays a crucial role in enhancing client management and engagement.

5. Use Client-facing Calendars for Making Appointments

Your company can also manage and engage clients using online-based calendars for booking appointments. You may risk losing existing and potential clients if you only let them book for your services during working hours or through a phone.

However, getting an online appointment scheduling tool can enable clients to book, re-schedule, and cancel appointments. Such a system gives clients peace of mind that your business can accommodate their needs. Ultimately, this enhances client management and engagement.

As your company expands and thrives, managing and engaging with clients on a face-to-face encounter becomes more challenging. However, your clients don’t consider that — and neither should they. You’re the one to ensure you manage and engage them accordingly. Luckily, there are many ways you can use automation tools to improve client management and engagement. A few of these ways include automating email and SMS marketing campaigns, automating invoice and payment reminders, using social listening and monitoring tools. You can also use AI chatbots to enhance customer service and use client-facing calendars for booking appointments. Ultimately, these automation strategies can help you manage and engage your clients better, leading to more sales.

Tarik Ozkan

Tarik Ozkan

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