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Tools of the Trade: 5 Great Amazon Seller Tools for Beginners

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amazon seller tools

The number of third-party sellers on Amazon has been increasing over the years.

In 2017, there were 1,761,784 Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA sellers with listed products.

The total income from Amazon sellers has also increased. In 2017 the company’s Marketplace made $118 billion.

With the amount of money coming in from the Marketplace, it’s not surprising more and more people want to become FBA sellers. The cost to set up and maintain an account is pretty inexpensive. If done properly, you can bring in a lot of money in a short time frame.

However, there are multiple things you need to keep track of. There are all aspects of eCommerce or online shopping – advertising, shipping, price, customer service, tax, payments, and so on. The good news is there are many helpful Amazon FBA tools to make the selling process easier.

Continue reading for five Amazon seller tools that will boost your FBA business.

1. Amazon Seller App

The Amazon Seller app is a phone application that recommends selling prices for your products. Use the app to scan items and you’ll be suggested what to sell it for.

Besides helping with pricing, the Amazon Seller app lets you check your feedback, contact Amazon, communicate with your customers, list products, and look at what rank your price sales are. The app also shows your orders, which update right when an order is made.

It’s a basic seller tool, but one that’s great for beginners. Another plus is that it’s free to download and install.

2. Zon.Tools

Advertising is an important part of being an online seller. You can’t expect to make a ton of sales if you don’t have an advertisement campaign for your product.

Running a campaign on your own can be tough. Luckily, you can use Zon.Tools. This seller tool optimizes your ads to help you get more customers. It’s a pay-per-click management and automation program for Amazon.

The software will get your ads on the website quickly and automate the setup you create. There are other automated features of Zon.Tools. It can raise or lower bids, pause or lower poor keywords, add new keywords. The tool can also adjust your ads so you can reach your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) threshold.

Zon.Tools makes advertising easier for you and will increase your revenue. Check out our website to learn more about our services.

3. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a free price tracking tool. This seller tool comes in handy when you want to know how to price your products. You’ll be notified via Twitter or email when Amazon prices drop.

You can check the price history of Amazon products as well. The browser extension, The Camelizer, lets you look at the price history of an item on the Amazon website.

All sellers, especially beginners should use a price tracker to monitor the prices of their competition. If the average cost of your product drops and you still have it listed at the same price, chances are you’ll lose sales to other businesses.

4. Unicorn Smasher

Product research is essential to know what other competitors’ prices are and what customers are willing to pay for a product. Unicorn Smasher can give you this data and more. You can look at specific items or whole categories on Amazon.

This product research tool will show you product rankings, ratings, and reviews. You’ll have a clear idea of what items will sell well and which won’t.

Unicorn Smasher provides sales and revenue estimates by gathering information from listed Amazon products. Not only will you know if your product will sell, but you’ll have an estimate of the number of sales and how much you can make from it.

Don’t worry if your original product won’t cut it. Unicorn Smasher can analyze all of Amazon and show you items that are profitable.

5. AMZFinder

Customer reviews give you feedback on your product. For example, there may have been a negative experience with your product that you can fix because the customer explained it in their review. Customer reviews also give you a chance to perform good customer service and engage with your buyers.

Great reviews will bump up your product’s ranking on Amazon, attracting more customers.

Your customers must realize you’re a real person. This will help you build loyalty with them. It makes potential buyers more trusting of you as well.

AMZFinder is seller tool that manages your product reviews and automatically sends out email requests for reviews. The email templates are in multiple languages, which broadens the variety of reviews you can get. You can send 500 emails per month under the free plan.

AMZFinder sends you a notification whenever there’s a negative review so you can look at it right away.

6. SageMailer

SageMailer is a tool for automation customer service messages, like feedback/review requests or letters with instructions. It supports 19 Amazon marketplaces and has pre-made multilingual templates. In addition, sellers can automate official Amazon’s “Request a Review” button requests.

The system tracks new reviews for unlimited ASINs and sends instant notification to maintain perfect seller rating. Also, you can collect and reply to buyer messages from all marketplaces on a single page.

Consider These Amazon Seller Tools

Beginner and seasoned Amazon FBA sellers alike have an array of tools to help them manage and build their businesses.

With these tools, you can pick the right product and list it at the best price. You can automate your ad campaigns so you’ll never spend more than you have to. Review request emails can be intelligently sent out to an audience to optimize the number of reviews you receive.

Seller tools make selling products easier while giving you valuable information. To be a successful Amazon seller, you need to understand the website’s market. Use these Amazon seller tools to keep up with the market.

Like this article? Don’t forget to check out our blog for more about FBA selling.

Tarik Ozkan

Tarik Ozkan

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