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10 Ways To Drive Sales To Your Products On Amazon With Social Media

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10 ways to drive sales to your products on amazon with social media featured image

Social media plays a crucial role in consumer interaction, making you an active participant in your brand development, mainly through the improvement of customer experience for which Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms provide a perfect framework.

Moreover, with enough analytical and management tools and personal skills, one could improve any aspect of the business, including sales as the ultimate goal of e-commerce. In this article, we are going to examine 10 different ways to use social media and drive more sales for your Amazon store.

Place links directly to product pages

Depending on the nature of your sales goal, you should link your social media posts directly to product listings or a single product page that allows seamless purchase. You don’t want to redirect potential buyers to another promotional page if you’re looking for a way to make sales. Leave content promotion for campaigns that have other goals.

Create a sales funnel using social media traffic

If you’re already invested in social media marketing, you should have had established a target audience, people interested in your offer that follow your posts on Facebook, Instagram, or some other platform.

During your sales campaign, keep track of the demographics that originate on social media and make a purchase. You can use those metrics to create a funnel, which will allow you to direct your sales posts to exactly the type of audience that will most likely make a purchase.

Provide special offers

It’s never easy to lead people into performing a specific action the way we expect them, especially if there’s nothing in particular in it for them. However, one way to direct people into shopping in your store while browsing through Facebook is by offering discount prices, promotional codes, gifts, free shipment, or any other perk that will give enough reason for a person to click on that link and buy your product.

Engage with your followers

Trust is the foundation of any relationship; especially when there’s money involved, people want to have a sense of positive connection with the other side. There’s no better way to become close with your consumers than through social media interaction. Post content that interests your audience, comment on topics they’re mostly discussing, make yourself a part of their social media presence.

Make buying simple

There’s an even more effortless way of shopping on social media, and that’s using the Buy Now button on Facebook. There are also ways to create shoppable posts on Pinterest and Instagram, which means you can decide which channels work best for you and make further marketing decisions. This means you would have to spend some time organizing your products, but there are no shortcuts to success.

User-generated content

According to Business Insider, allowing your consumers to publish content that reflects their experience with your brand gives you a higher conversion rate potential than the content you would produce for the same purpose. The BI article states that users who interact with content created by their peers have 97 percent more chance of converting into consumers than any other people that come across your brand differently.

Offer customer support

Social media allows a whole range of tools for discussion, and your job is to take part in any discussion that concerns your brand. This way, you can understand what troubles your customers and offer immediate support to improve their experience and your products. Full-Range customer support on all places is what tells people they can count on your help in case of an issue.

Get influencers to promote your products

Just take a look at your niche and see which people are the most influential public speakers. Contact several influencers and let them have a say about your brand. This way, you’ll ensure contact with people who haven’t had a chance to buy from you and make new followers in the process.

Push successful content

As your sales campaign is on the way, make sure to track which posts made the most success in terms of leading to sales. Push the type of content that generates sales, but also keep your eye on those that might begin to rise after a while. Sometimes, it’s the social media trends that dictate the popularity of a certain type of material.

Use social media discussion to improve products

Follow hashtags that relate to your niche, and feel free to jump into Facebook groups on similar topics to get a first-hand insight into what consumers like or don’t like about a certain product. This way, you will understand what you have to improve, change, or add to your listing so your sales numbers would increase.


These were the ten simple ways in which you can improve the odds of your sales. Some of these techniques are very easy to implement, while others require more work but offer better results. The main idea behind this article is that your work never stops, no matter where your business stands at the moment.

Alice Jones is a writer and journalist from San Francisco, CA. She graduated from the University of San Francisco and got a Master’s degree. For a while, Jones was an editor at a writing agency, providing law assignment help to students. Alice concentrated on such topics as business, marketing, and freelance.

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