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Separating Fact from Fiction: Knowing the Difference Between Zon.Tools and Cybersquatters

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Imagine walking into your house, only to find another family sitting in your living room. Or trying to go to a store like a Target, finding a store with the same name and sign but packed with entirely different product.

This is basically what cybersquatters do.

Cybersquatting has been reaching new heights in recent years. Continue reading to find out how we protect ourselves and our customers from cybersquatting.

How Zon Tools Protects Our Customers From Cybersquatters

At Zon Tools, we have reason to be wary of cybersquatters. Because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

In 2018, someone ordered our services, which we’re always happy to see. It turns out they didn’t want to use our tools for automation and management services. They wanted to hold our name and reputation hostage.

A company got all of our proprietary information and used it to set up a dummy website. This is what cybersquatters do. They then use this digital decoy to blackmail both the company themselves as well as customers.

They expected us to cave into their extortionist demands.

They were wrong.

We filed an In Rem lawsuit against their domain name. You can read our Press Release here

While our doppelgangers may have been able to replicate our logo and branding, they certainly couldn’t duplicate our innovative Amazon automation software. We feel bad for the customers who are being taken advantage of by these shysters rather than getting actual help in excelling in the Amazon marketplace.

To be clear, we are Zon Tools. Our web address is If you see someone using the Zon Tools moniker at some other address other than this, don’t trust them.

Also make sure that any websites or email messaging from Zon Tools affiliates are coming from the United States. We’re based out of Delaware. These cybersquatters are based out of Asia. If you see messaging from Zon Tools from an Asian web address, beware!

Not only do these cybersquatters not have our unique, innovative Amazon automation and management software, their techniques can actually get you shut down. They’re offering black hat services that violate Amazon’s terms of services.

Not only will you be swindled out of money for services you won’t receive, you run the risk of missing out on money and relationships while your account is on hiatus. Or, at worst, you can destroy your brand and reputation that you’ve spent years building.

Cybersquatting is only going to get more prevalent as the Internet continues to grow and evolve. It’s best to adopt these best practices now and get in the habit of verifying who you’re working with.

Cybersquatters are starting to target banks now, as well. Having your financial records hacked or held for ransom could put your entire life in jeopardy, not just your Amazon account. Take care out there!

Why Work With Zon Tools?

Automation is unbelievably powerful, and it’s only growing more so. Automation combined with analytics and management software is unstoppable.

To verify who we are, and not cybersquatters, check out some of our testimonials.

Tarik Ozkan

Tarik Ozkan

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