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Standing Out on Amazon: The Top Amazon Advertising Tips You Need to Know

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amazon advertising

In today’s world of online shopping, it’s no secret that Amazon absolutely dominates the American market. In fact, research shows that 44% of the U.S. population begin their online shopping sessions with Amazon. While over 40% of Americans tend to buy at least one product via Amazon throughout the month.

If you’re an Amazon seller and haven’t maximized the power of advertising on Amazon, your business is missing out.

Learn how to establish a successful advertising campaign and watch your revenue soar with Amazon advertising…    

Dominate Amazon Advertising with These Top Tips

In today’s age of e-commerce, advertising on Amazon is just as important as advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Why? Because this is where your average consumer of today spends much of their time.

If your revenue has hit a plateau or started to take a downward turn, Amazon advertising is your best bet at completely shaking things up. Here are 8 handy tips to help you build, maintain, and capitalize with your advertising on Amazon.

1. Establish Your Business Goals

In order to get the most out of Amazon advertising, it’s super important to determine what your business goals are, first and foremost.

Amazon is great in that it allows you to align your targets with your business goals, allowing your business to thrive in whichever domain it needs. So, if you aim to increase sales, you can set your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) as your metric of success.

Alternatively, if you aim to increase brand awareness, you can set impressions as your metric of success, or if your goal is to generate and sustain a high Sale Velocity (which we all know helps with organic ranking), orders are your go-to metric.

But it’s important to establish clear goals from the get-go and work towards those.  

2. Advertise the Right Products

There really is a time and a place for advertising, so when it comes to choosing the right type of products to advertise, go for your most popular and best converting products.

Advertising your best-seller products gives your business the best chance at converting clicks into sales. Ultimately, this boosts your revenue. Just make sure that these products are in stock and priced fairly, yet competitively. You don’t want to advertise something you cannot supply!

3. Put Extra Effort into Product Pages

Believe it or not, it’s not always the imagery of your product that ultimately sells an item, but the product description and the amount of detail contained within.

Your ad on Amazon will most likely entice a shopper to visit your product detail page. But once they land on this page, make it worth their while!

In order to create a persuasive product detail page, always use high-quality infographic images, descriptive titles, detailed product specifications, and useful consumer information.

4. Capitalize with Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored brand ads were once known as headline search ads, and are known to entice over 18% of online shoppers to purchase a sponsored product. These ads generally appear above Amazon search results and help to build up brand awareness of your product. They are also useful for advertising multiple products at one time.  

So if you’re looking for a double-whammy – increased sales and brand awareness, make the most of sponsored brand ads!  

5. Reduce Your Ad Spend with Negative Keywords

Pay-per-click advertising on Amazon is all about keywords. But not only the right keywords, negative ones too. In fact, concentrating on building up your negative keyword library is a great way to cut down on your ad spend each month.

How do negative keywords work though? Basically, negative keywords are certain words or phrases which should be excluded from a larger keyword search.

For example, if you sell golf activewear, you’d want to exclude negative keywords that relate to other sub-niches. So in this case, “running” or “tennis” would be considered a negative keyword.  

When building up your negative keyword list, look for keywords which receive a high volume of traffic, but have a low conversion rate. These keywords are usually generic or short words which aren’t specific to your product.

6. Keep a Close Eye on Keyword Bids

The concept of setting your keyword bids and forgetting about them does not make for a successful or profitable advertising strategy. Instead, you should always keep a close eye on how your keyword bids are performing.

This is because ad group default bids aren’t always successful with every keyword. In order to maximize your budget, set your default bid to what you can afford to pay per click for each keyword. Make sure to keep a watchful eye on conversion rates too, here you can continuously adjust your bids as you need.

If your conversion rate drops and you fail to adjust what you’re paying per bid, you could lose money and profits very quickly!   

7. Use Smart Keyword Placement

When it comes to smart pay-per-click advertising, yes keyword selection is important. But keyword placement is often overlooked when it should be made a priority.

Amazon and many other advertising platforms have optimized their advertising by only displaying ads that are relevant to respective landing pages. So if Amazon doesn’t view your ad as relevant to its product page or the keywords you are bidding on, it won’t display it.

Show Amazon your ad is 100% relevant to its respective product page with smart keyword placement. Make sure your target keywords are present in the copy of your product listings, product headings and product back end. But be careful not to seem too obvious with keyword placement. Make sure your target keywords read naturally within your copy.  

8. Establish a Well-Organized Campaign Structure

If you want to keep a close eye on your advertising costs and profits, then a well-structured and organized advertising campaign is vital.

If your advertising campaigns are sloppy, set-up in a hurry or lack proper research on both target and negative keywords, you’re set to lose money unnecessarily. Basically, you run the risk of losing money to unqualified, meaningless clicks with the little-to-no conversion rate.

In order to establish order, make sure your products are grouped with related keywords. Organize your campaigns by product category, brand or top-sellers. Allocate keyword bids strategically according to the different profit margins and performance of each product.

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