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The Future of Amazon Advertising: Our Crystal Ball Tells All

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the future of amazon

Amazon advertising uses an entirely different model to the two giants, Google and Facebook, who dominate the digital ad market.

In brief, Google relies on “intent-based advertising”. What users type into a search box is the chief indicator of user desire. Data is crunched based on user searches. Thus, Google can target ads around things that people want.

Marketers use Facebook’s metrics and analytics to gain insights based on connections people make on social platforms.

The future of Amazon has a much more secure horizon from the ad perspective. Why? Because Amazon relies on its own data based on actual purchases. This is the crucial difference between Amazon and the two market leaders on the international adscape.

And this is why Amazon is making solid inroads into gaining market share, set to reach 7% in 2020.

Huge ADvantages

The advantages of product advertising on Amazon are huge in comparison with ad possibilities on Facebook and Google. With Zon.Tools, Amazon Advertising management and automation software, those advantages increase exponentially.

Our PPC software and smart algorithmic engines massively improve ad campaign effectiveness.

Let’s talk about the types of ads that are currently available on Amazon Advertising.

Ad Types on Amazon Advertising

On the Amazon advertising platform, business owners can use various ad types to sell their products. The range Amazon offers includes:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display (currently in beta phase), and
  • Stores

Other advertising possibilities are:

  • Display ads
  • Video ads
  • Custom ads, and 
  • Amazon DSP (demand-side platform).

Amazon has more than 310 million customers worldwide and enjoys top ranking (ahead of Google) in online product searches. Zon.Tools has been following Amazon’s ad trends with keen interest. We have developed tools that plug into Amazon advertising so that you can gain ultimate leverage from Amazon’s fine-tuning that is rocking the digital ad world.

Our crystal ball tells us that you’re going to love how we have updated our suite of tools.  We have tutorials on how to use all our products. We suggest you start with our Basic Tutorials to get an idea of the kind of leverage we’re talking about.

If you like what you see there, we urge you to start our 30-day trial.

Zon.Tool Features That Anticipate the Future of Amazon

Our PPC software, designed to manage and automate your Amazon advertising has stacks of features that marketers and advertisers love. Our software:

  • has fully customizable and granular rules
  • covers all us and international marketplaces
  • creates automatic smart campaigns and ad groups
  • includes automatic keyword match segmentation
  • has the ability to handle large accounts and data sets
  • can run thousands of campaigns simultaneously
  • handles millions of keywords and customer search terms
  • performs customer search term mining several times per day
  • uses enhanced auto-targeting (EAT) automation
  • performs automated bid changes based on user-defined criteria several times per day (manual and auto campaigns)
  • automatically pauses keywords several times per day based on user-defined criteria
  • automatically enables keywords several times per day based on user-defined criteria
  • automatically sets bleeding search terms to negative
  • uses product attribute targeting (PAT) automation

These features enable you to maximize advertising sales and the performance of your Amazon ads performance and take the guesswork out of Amazon pay per click (PPC) products.

With our automated ad management software, you can create well-structured campaigns on autopilot and reduce your overall ACoS (advertising cost of sales). This naturally leads to improved profits so that you can focus more on growing your business.

Save Time!

By automating your Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns, you’ll save hundreds of hours of work.  This will give you extra time to expand your advertising footprint in other countries and languages.

We really mean it when we say that in just a few clicks you will be able to increase your Amazon sales, hit your target ACoS, and stay ahead of the competition with improved Amazon product ranking.

Our automated advertising strategy is profitable and can be expanded or reduced at will.

New Features We Are Excited About

As automation software developers, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve our automated enterprise software so that you can achieve your digital advertising and marketing targets. We want your business to grow! 

Our two latest developments are:

  • Enhanced Auto-Targeting (EAT) Automation, and
  • Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) automation

You will find details, and the amazing granularity achieved with these new tools in our proprietary PGN (product group name) tool.

Our PGN video tutorials will show you just how easy it is to target exactly the kind of campaigns you need for the range of ads possible on Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP).

You already now that each product on Amazon has an ASIN, right? This is the Amazon Standard Identification Number that is unique to each product sold on Amazon.

Get With The Program!

The future of Amazon is bright, and that’s why we have aligned ourselves and our software with Amazon’s identity-based model of targeted advertising.

We are always ready to help you orientate yourself to make the most of your advertising dollars. If there are any questions you have, our team is always ready to help.

Take our 30-day trial. You will see differences in your PPC rate and results almost immediately. We’re not joking. We’re for real.

We look forward to doing business with you so that your business can grow in precisely the way you want it to. Managed automated advertising software on Amazon is the way to go. That’s our crystal ball prediction based on hard science.

Happy automated advertising!



Online Entrepreneur leveraging Google Adwords PPC since 2011 and Amazon Seller across multiple markets since 2014, he’s the strategist and ideator behind Zon Tools engines. He has participated and presented at several high-profile Amazon “PPC” Focused masterminds and events.

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