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1.2 Filtering

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Enabled With Parent [State-Filter]

1.2.8 – Enabled With Parent [State Filter]

 Transcription:  This is yet another big one: Enable With Parent State Filter Wonder what this even means? Perhaps a demonstration would help. Let’s go to the keyword level. Right now, we’re showing you all the keywords. The State filter is not applied so, all the keywords within your account are displayed. Applying the filter option Archived only shows the archived keywords and we’ve got no results for Archived. Applying Paused shows only your


1.2.7 – Data Download

 Transcription:  Another awesome update is that you can download the data at any level, either after the advanced search or at the root level. Everything can be downloaded. Now, let’s see how it’s done. You just click the Export File, here at the top of the page. As you can see from the drop-down list, there are three possible formats; TXT is similar to most of the reports

Advanced Search

1.2.6 – Advanced Search

 Transcription: We offer you the Advanced Search. The first feature of the Advanced Search functionality is searching by match. So finally, you don’t get only broad terms but you get other terms. For instance,if I query “great product” exact match, the terminal or the software publishes only the exact match. But if you use phrase match, we will match everything that has a word before or after and find


1.2.5 – Paginate

   Transcription: The last button is the Paginate button. By default, we show you 500 lines of data. However, if you choose to see less or more lines in a page, you can use the paginate button to specify how many rows or lines you want to see on a page. You enter the number, for instance 20, and hit go. Then, the system paginates to your requirement, which

Sync API

1.2.4 – Sync API

 Transcription:  The Sync API button. What does it do? Assuming that you made some changes in Amazon, such as Updated bids, Changed a name on some campaigns or ad group, Added keyword, Removed keyword, Paused, or Archived, any of those changes will reflect instantly on our dashboard. What you should do is to click Sync API. Straightway, we download an updated report from Amazon which takes pretty much a second for us to


1.2.3 – Reset

   Transcription:  The Reset Button here at the buttom will allow me to reset any filter or any custom filter that I have at the moment back to our default, which is the last six months. If I hit the reset button here, I will be able to see the default screen which is six months of data.

Filter Table

1.2.2 – Filter Table

   Transcription:  By default we’re always going to show you the last six months of data. Unfortunately, Amazon allows us to download only the last 60 days. So, if you just started working with us, we will be able to show you only the previous 60 days. From the time that you connect the API with us, we will continue saving in a lot of your data so

Search Text

1.2.1 – Search Text

   Transcription:  On top of the brush filter, I want to add another filter. Let’s say “food”. This is an instant filter. This filter applies on top of whatever filter we had here. Now, I single out all the keywords that have “brush” in them, as well as the keywords that have “food” in them and I can match and share the data.


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