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Another awesome update is that you can download the data at any level, either after the advanced search or at the root level. Everything can be downloaded. Now, let’s see how it’s done.

You just click the Export File, here at the top of the page.

As you can see from the drop-down list, there are three possible formats; TXT is similar to most of the reports received from Amazon; CSV MacOS works on Mac. Since I have a Mac, I’m going to use this format. It’s going to be able to open in Excel on a Mac.  XLS Windows is for Windows users.

I’ll be opting for the Mac; I’m downloading – the report is downloaded and here you are – see how it looks.

This is basically your report just downloaded. It has a header. There is the match type and the bid that tells you everything, even the broad, the exact and the campaign ID.

We don’t give you the name. We just give you the ID. As for now, you can just click the campaign ID but you can check or search for this on our platform.

The beauty of it is that down here, you have the rules. Down here, we tell you which rules are applying on these campaigns. Whenever you download everything, you can do your search and get crazy with data.

Also on the side, you can know how you use the thresholds.

I see the campaign over here (Column AD) and the ad group over here (Column AA). We also have the ad group name and the campaign name. Everything is here.

I’m so pumped up with these free updates. Please try it out. Test it. Let me know if it works or not.

Finally, note that the filter here is sticky. If you assign a filter and move between campaigns, the filter still is effective. As a demonstration, I assigned a filter at keyword level, entered this specific campaign to pull up the keyword, and the filter is back. So, the filter is sticky.

If  for instance you’re searching for everything with the rule CTR less than 0.03% campaign by campaign, you don’t have to reset the filter every time. You just move from campaign to campaign to check out the keyword. If the filter is set at the keyword level, every time you switch campaigns, or move into another ad group at the keyword level, the filter remains. You don’t have to reset it again.

Lastly, if you sort by descending or ascending or anything, in order to clear the filter, the first thing that you need to do is to clear the sort and only after that will you have the Reset button to clear the filter.

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