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1.6 Custom Rules

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Override Custom Rules Why and How

1.6.3 – Override Custom Rules: Why and How

   Transcription:  Now, to the final concept of this, let’s say that you hired a PPC manager. He went very deeply into the data, set a lot of customizations and custom rules at keyword or ad group levels, and thereafter you had to let him go. You wouldn’t know the logic he applied, why he did what he was doing or was he testing something? You really wouldn’t

Create a Custom Rule

1.6.2 – Create a Custom Rule

 Transcription:  In order for me to tell the system not to stop this keyword, I will have to edit this specific threshold. To do so, just double-click on the threshold you want to edit. In this case, I will double-click on the ACoS. This keyword is a money keyword. It’s bringing me a lot more than anything else in this campaign, like 80-20. It looks like this keyword brings

Why Custom Rules

1.6.1 – Why Custom Rules?

   Transcription:  Welcome to another video of the Zon Tools Tutorial Series. In this video I’m going to explain how we set up custom rules, custom thresholds at the keyword or ad group level for our automations to take a specific action based on our goals. From this example, I’m going to work on this campaign that I had previously set up the following thresholds: Maximum Keyword Spend


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