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Welcome to another video of the Zon Tools Tutorial Series.

In this video I’m going to explain how we set up custom rules, custom thresholds at the keyword or ad group level for our automations to take a specific action based on our goals.

From this example, I’m going to work on this campaign that I had previously set up the following thresholds:

Maximum Keyword Spend is $10. The reason for this is that this is a maintenance campaign strategy, so I’m not being very aggressive. For this example, the $10 is about half what I’m selling the product for.

The Target Maximum ACoS will be 20%, and that allows me to pocket 15% profit assuming that this product has a 35% margin.

Minimum Action Clicks is 10.

The Minimum Bid is 50 cents. Again, I am not too aggressive.

The Bid Increment is 41 cents, which is the value I always use.

The Conversion Rate is set to 0 because I want this setting disabled due to the fact that I’m pocketing 50% profit even though the keyword might be 20% ACoS or just below.

For more clarifications on this settings and what they mean, please do watch the previous videos where I teach how to automate and set up a great threshold that rules to your existing campaigns, including how you should use them, and how to determine the values that most fit your business.

Now, the rule is already saved so, I’m just going to exit. You can see the rule over here. It’s just telling that within this campaign, we have a maximum ACoS of 20% and a Maximum Spend per keyword of $10.

Let’s check out the ad group. It’s only one ad group. It’s kind of a flat, not really a pyramid, just a flat and I’m going to check at the keyword level. We will try to optimize and change the action the engine will take in order to fit our strategy.

I’m going to sort all these keywords down by sales. I want to see the keywords that generated the most sales and analyze per ACoS data. Straightaway, I see that the keyword that generated the bulk of sales is an ACoS that is above 20%. What does it mean? It means that putting a 20% ACoS threshold the next time we ran the automation which is generally up three times a day, will lead to this keyword being paused. We run the automation on 7 days data.

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