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Bidding Strategy

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Campaign bidding strategy adjustment is added!

To let Amazon adjust your bid after you, dynamically, click the cogs (gears) button under each of the campaign name and click on EDIT tab. See image below for the location of Amazon Bidding Strategy:

What is Bidding Strategy?

You can ask Amazon to modify your bid in each ad impression.

There are 3 types of Bidding Strategy on Amazon:

  1. Dynamic Bids – Up And Down

Let Amazon to adjust your bid up/down when they think your ad is more/less likely to convert at the time. As long as you allow Amazon to adjust your bid down AND UP, your average CPC may be higher than your bid! This may be good if your ACoS and metrics all fine and you need more traffic.

  1. Fixed Bid

Amazon will always use the same bid. This is not recommended because you lose cheap clicks when other advertisers are not around, or they are out of budget.

  1. Dynamic Bids – Down Only

Amazon will use your bid or lower. This is the default for a long time till now and this is what we recommend in general especially if you are trying to improve metrics of your campaigns.


How to Change Bidding Strategy?

You can use our new selector in Campaign dashboard – click cogs (gears) under each campaign – click EDIT tab – see: “Bidding Strategy” box.

Also, for Dominator tier users, you can use BULK EDITOR to adjust “Bidding Strategy” in bulk.


How to Bulk Edit Bidding Strategy?

For Dominator tier customers, you can use bulk editor to edit some/all of your campaign Bidding Strategy in bulk.

Select the checkboxes of the campaigns that you want to adjust their Bidding Strategy.

If you have too many campaigns that does not fit in a page, you can click OPTIONS and put a higher number than your total campaigns (which you can see on your Campaigns dashboard, in the first row) and click PAGINATE.

After you selected some/all of your campaigns to modify their Bidding Strategy, click purple BULK ACTION button from top right of the dashboard. If you don’t see the button, you need to upgrade to Dominator tier, you can do it easily on your account page or please contact our support.

This dialog box will pop up:Here on initial state, no changes are selected to be applied.

Change the Bidding Strategy to the new strategy you want and click “Apply Bulk Edit Action” button to apply the action to all campaigns selected.

Tarik Ozkan

Tarik Ozkan

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