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7 Awesome Amazon Feedback and Review Software Tools for FBA Sellers

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Experts estimate that Amazon reviews drive 20% of the sales.

This means each review you get is important; they even estimate one product review could be worth around $400 billion.

Even negative reviews help you get more sales. A few negative responses make your item more believable. If all reviews are 5 stars, the customer can get doubtful.

However, only 5% to 10% of customers leave a review. How do you encourage more customers to review your product?

The answer to that problem is an Amazon review software that can help you manage and request for reviews. Find out which are the top-performing ones below.

1. AMZShark

AMZShark has many features, one of which is Feedback Alerts. This allows you to track your reviews and feedback. The automatic email alerts can help you to be proactive in resolving negative issues.

It can monitor reviews of up to 1,000 products, which can include the products of other sellers. It can also alert you whenever a customer deletes an existing review.

It’s more than an Amazon review software, though. It comes with a whole suite of features like Keyword Explorer, Search Rankings Tracker, Hijacking Alerts, Niche Scout, Supplier Scout, and many more. As such, it may come across as a bit more expensive at $299 per month.

2. FeedbackExpress

FeedbackExpress is all about automating feedback requests, which can help you gain ratings or review negative feedback.

This powerful Amazon feedback request software comes with pre-written emails. These are all tried and tested emails that have already produced results, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. You can choose different languages to target your customer better.

It helps you manage negative and neutral feedback by sending you alerts when you receive one. You can set up alerts so that you receive it in your phone or email.

If you have to ask Amazon to remove feedback from your account, you can do so using this service.

FeedbackExpress has several packages to allow you to only pay for what you need. You can pay for as low as 1,000 emails or as high as 25,000 emails, depending on the volume of your orders per month.

3. FeedbackFive

FBA sellers working on a budget can consider FeedbackFive instead.

It has a free version allowing you to send 50 emails per month, run 3 campaigns, and track 2 ASINs. If you want to upgrade, it has three other packages that might work for your budget.

In this case, however, the pricing doesn’t reflect the quality of service.

It also has an automated email service that allows you to ask for feedback on schedule.

It sends out an alert for negative feedback, which will allow you to resolve it ASAP. You can also request the removal or deletion of feedback from the software.

This software allows you to customize your emails. You can choose when to send the feedback request, include product messages, and so on.

4. BQool Review and Feedback Central

BQool has four main sections: Review, Feedback, Research, and Repricing. The only two that will matter in this list are the first two.

The Review Central is in charge of notifying you if you receive a negative review. The Feedback Central takes care of the sending of emails.

You can automate this process by choosing a schedule for your emails. It can also suggest a good time based on previous data collected.

This Amazon feedback software is available for multiple countries, including France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and so on. You can select a package depending on the volume of emails you intend to send, but some features are only included in some packages.

5. Feedback Genius

A feature of this software that stands out is its A/B testing feature. This allows you to create two templates, which you send to two different sets of clients. You can then track the results from each template to see which one brings the most number of responses.

It also has what’s called the WYSIWYG Editor, which allows you to use placeholders like [[buyer name]] and such. Aside from that, it has the usual features: automated emails and negative feedback monitoring.

Feedback Genius has a free plan for managing 100 emails per month and 1 Amazon marketplace. You have to upgrade, though, if you have a high volume of orders and several marketplaces.

6. Salesbacker

Salesbacker helps you get more reviews and feedback using pre-built templates. This saves you the time for crafting email campaigns. This also means you get to jump in the service in a matter of minutes after signing up.

It automates review and feedback requests through email, which you can customize through an attachment not bigger than 7 Mb.

It also has a free plan that allows you to send up to 120 emails per month, which makes it great for new online sellers. Its paid plans start at only $19 per month, allowing you to send 1,600 emails per month or more depending on your plan.

7. xSellCo

xSellCo has basic features: automated emails, scheduling, and feedback control. It also lets you manage multiple marketplaces, including that outside Amazon, like Shopify, Facebook, and more. The software has a feature similar to Feedback Genius’s A/B testing, as well.

It features limited plan options with the rest on this list, but each plan is feature-packed. If you need even more features, xSellCo also has an add-on package. Called the “pro-pack,” this package includes auto-translation, enterprise reporting, and more.

Choose the Right Amazon Review Software

If you’re not sure which Amazon review software is right for you, take advantage of their free trials. Most services – if not all – on this list offer a free trial of 30 days. This should be enough to help you assess its features and if it’s what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, though, you need more than a review and feedback software. In this case, contact us and see how we can help you or check out our other articles to learn more about seller tools on Amazon.

Tarik Ozkan

Tarik Ozkan

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