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1. Basic Tutorials

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Seller Central Sales Attribution

Seller Central attribution Sponsored Product (SP) Campaigns Seller Central sales attribution is measured on a 7-day click-through attribution window. Meaning, if a user clicks on an ad, comes back up to 7 days later, and buys one of your products from your brand Amazon will attribute the sale to that campaign. Sales are attributed only to the last ad the user clicked (last touch attribution model). You pay for


1.5.8 – Rule’s Time Frame

You can now select the Rule’s Time Frame! Set the amount of data we look at in order to run our algorithms to adjust your bids, mine and negate search terms. We advise all users to switch to “Last 60 days”

Bulk Edit Rules Selective Threshold Update

1.8 Bulk Edit Rules | Selective Threshold Update

   Transcription:  Bulk Edit Rules will allow you, users, to take bulk action on our rules. Let’s see how it works… Let’s say for example, we are working at the keyword level and are looking at all the keywords of this “silicon product” campaign, we’ll either select all the keywords or only a few of the keywords. Assuming we put a threshold of 26% ACoS as you can see

Bulk add Keywords or Search Terms to Ad Group

1.7.4 – Bulk add Keywords or Search Terms to Ad Group

   Transcription:  We added a new feature to the Bulk Action button. You can filter your keywords the way you want, you can filter your custom search terms the way you want. You can select whatever custom search term or keyword you want to take bulk actions on. Open the Keyword Bulk Actions, click Add To. Here, we allow you to add any keyword or custom search term within

Bulk Edit Keywords

1.7.3 – Bulk Edit Keywords and Targets

   Transcription:  What you can do right now is to click Keyword Advanced Search for whatever keyword you need to find. For instance, you want to find all the keywords of ACOs 7d which have a threshold greater than or equal to 30%.  There are only two. You would select them, bulk edit their bid to decrease their bid by 20%. Then, click Apply This Action. This will apply it

Bulk Edit Ad Groups

1.7.2 – Bulk Edit Ad Groups

   Transcription: Whatever ad group you select, you can change its default bid. Changing the default bid will not change the bid of a keyword, but just the default bid you set in the Ad Group.    If you were to add new keywords, that’s the keyword that the bid will inherit. You can change the default bid over here. You can change the state of the Ad Group and the

Bulk Edit Campaigns

1.7.1 – Bulk Edit Campaigns

   Transcription:  Remember, you can always use Advanced Search. So, let’s search all the campaigns that have an Ad Spend greater than 10000. Let’s see what we would find. We got only three results, which is fine. So, we save it. Because for this campaign, you would not lower the budget for some reasons, you can simply select all or some of them. Click Bulk Actions. Click Change Budget. You

Bulk Edit Data

1.7 Bulk Edit Data

1.7.1 – Bulk Edit Campaigns 1.7.2 – Bulk Edit Ad Groups 1.7.3 – Bulk Edit Keywords 1.7.4 – Bulk add Keywords or Search Terms to Ad Group

Override Custom Rules Why and How

1.6.3 – Override Custom Rules: Why and How

   Transcription:  Now, to the final concept of this, let’s say that you hired a PPC manager. He went very deeply into the data, set a lot of customizations and custom rules at keyword or ad group levels, and thereafter you had to let him go. You wouldn’t know the logic he applied, why he did what he was doing or was he testing something? You really wouldn’t


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