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1. Basic Tutorials

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Bid Gambler

1.1.4 – Bid Gambler

   Transcription: Assuming you create a campaign on Amazon, push the data to our dashboard or create a set of PGNs or campaigns within our dashboard and the default bid, the campaigns and the keywords that are within the campaigns are too low to generate clicks, what Bit Gambler will do is to periodically look up the keywords that have not yet received a click, and increase the bid of

KeyWord Miner

1.1.3 – KeyWord Miner

   Transcription:  The next automation that I’ll explain is the Keyword Miner. Keyword Miner does what any VA, business owner, or any PPC manager should always do. The Keyword Miner goes through your custom search term report several times a day and extracts all the terms that are converting within your given thresholds that we discussed previously, that are relevant to your product, and then adds them back

KeyWord Recycler

1.1.2 – KeyWord Recycler

 Transcription:  The next automation that we will discuss is the KeyWord Recycler. KeyWord Recycler works on any keyword that has been paused for more than 7 days. When a keyword is paused for more than 7 days, it’s mostly because of higher ACoS. This means that there are no more sales data coming in from Amazon. The statistic received for the keyword after it has been paused for

KeyWord Guardian

1.1.1 – KeyWord Guardian

 Transcription:  Hello, and welcome to the first video of our Zon.Tools tutorial series. In this video, I’m going to go over our overview page where we list all the automations that we can run on your account. The first automation that I’m going to explain, is the Keyword Guardian. The Keyword Guardian utilizes information based on the thresholds that you give to our system, which includes maximum spend

Automations Overview

1.1 Automations Overview

1.1.1 – KeyWord Guardian 1.1.2 – KeyWord Recycler 1.1.3 – KeyWord Miner 1.1.4 – Bid Gambler 1.1.5 – Bid Nailer 1.1.6 – Term-Inator 1.1.7 – Auto-Mate 1.1.8 – Rules Parameters

BASIC Tutorials

1. BASIC Tutorials

1.1 Automations Overview 1.2 Filtering 1.3 How to Read our Data Sets 1.4 How to Navigate our Platform 1.5 Automate Your Existing Campaigns 1.6 Custom Rules 1.7 Bulk Edit Data 1.8 Bulk Edit Rules | Selective Threshold Update


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Zon.Tools is a full-scope enterprise automation and management solution for Amazon Sponsored Products.
It is the fastest, most advanced Amazon PPC Automation tool currently on the market.
It automates all Sponsored Products best practices and is flexible/granular enough to adapt to any PPC strategy or goal.

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