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1. Basic Tutorials

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Target Max. ACoS %

1.5.2 – Target Max. ACoS %

   Transcription:  Here, we need to know the Maximum ACoS allowed for a keyword. As a rule of a thumb, if you prefer to be aggressive, you should input your profit margin. If you want to rank fast and increase visibility, get traffic, get volume, get velocity, break even, you sure would want to input there your profit margin. If on the other hand you want to be

Threshold Builder

1.5.1 – Threshold Builder

 Resources: Click Here to Download Transcription:  Hello, and welcome to the Zon Tools Tips and Tricks Series. In this video, I’m going to show you how to use the Threshold Builder that I compiled for you guys. We’ll go through how to use the data that you already have for campaigns and products that you’re already running on your own set-up and use the data to fill in

Automate Your Existing Campaigns

1.5 Automate Your Existing Campaigns

 1.5.1 – Threshold Builder 1.5.2 – Target Max. ACoS % 1.5.3 – Relevancy Trigger 1.5.4 – Min. Action Clicks # 1.5.5 – Max. Keyword Spend $ 1.5.6 – Min. Bid $ 1.5.7 – Max. Bid $ 1.5.8 – Bid Increment $ 1.5.9 – Min. Conversion Rate %

History Logs

1.4.9 – History Logs

  Tags: AM: Auto-Mate 3.0 MinBid: set bid to “Min. Bid” because reach “Min Action click” or “Max Spend” without a sale LastBid: recover bid to last bid (before MinBid drop) because attribution data comes in and keyword register a sale TI: Term-Inator KWM: KeyWord Miner AA: ASIN-Ator TM: Target-Miner BG: Bid Gambler KWG [for legacy rules]: KeyWord Guardian KWR [for legacy rules]: KeyWord Recycler BN [for legacy rules]: Bid Nailer


1.4.8 – Products

   Transcription:  Here on the product dashboard, we show you all your SKUs and their performances. I see zero data so I’m going to sort down by sales 7. I want to identify which item is the best seller… and these items are my best sellers. I can track the ad group and campaign they belong to. You just click on the titles of the ad group by campaign.

Search Terms

1.4.7 – Search Terms

 Transcription: Welcome to this video of the Zon Tools tutorial series. In this video I’m going to summarize some of the recent updates on our platform. The first one being the search term dashboard screen on your left menu. When you click it, it redirects to this page where we collect all your search term reports in one place. Also, we will give you a chance to see


1.4.6 – Keywords

   Transcription: Next is Keyword Page or Keyword Dashboard. With this, we show you all the statistics of all your keywords within your account in only one page. They are organized by keyword name, the ad group they belong to, and the campaign that ad group and keyword belongs to. You can sort by statistics, the way you want, and you can filter them. And to check the

Ad Groups

1.4.5 – Ad Groups

   Transcription: If you choose to go to the Ad Group dashboard, here (Ad Group Actions), you can see all the ad groups within your account. For each ad group in the campaign column, we tell you which campaign it belongs to. If you wanted to jump to this campaign (Garlic Press-BROAD) and check the statistics of this campaign, you just click on the title of this campaign.


1.4.4 – Campaigns

   Transcription: The next one is the Campaigns. Here on this page, we see all the campaigns. Here are the campaigns that are included in your account and you are able to filter by date, by text or sort them down by any of the voices that you see here. The arrow down will be descending, the arrow up will be ascending. If I was to sort by

Product Groups (PGN)

1.4.3 – Product Groups (PGN)

   Transcription: The second voice of the left menu is something new we just introduced a few days ago. It is the Product Group or as we call them, the PGN. This is a page or a dashboard where we show you all the PGNs as one single line. So, all the data of the four campaigns we manage within the PGN is merged to show you the


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