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1.5 Automate Existing Campaigns

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1.5.8 – Rule’s Time Frame

You can now select the Rule’s Time Frame! Set the amount of data we look at in order to run our algorithms to adjust your bids, mine and negate search terms. We advise all users to switch to “Last 60 days”

Min. Conversion Rate %

1.5.9 – Min. Conversion Rate %

   Transcription:  The last one is the Minimum Conversion Rate. This is a tricky one.  In this demonstration we’ll consider the range of keywords that have an ACoS between 32 and 35%. The default conversion rate is 10. If a keyword is around 22, 32 or 35%, , we’ll monitor it to see what the conversion rate is doing. If the keyword is already in 32 or 35% at

Bid Increment $

1.5.8 – Bid Increment $

   Transcription: The next is Bid Increment. This is a big concept that applies to the action we take when we reach the amount of clicks you specified. The amount you set for Bid Increment is added to your average cost per click to determine how to adjust your bids. By default, that is 0.11 but in my business I use 0.41. Bid Increment is very significant and

Max. Bid $

1.5.7 – Max. Bid $

   Transcription: We also introduce the Max Bid. The Max Bid will be used by Auto-Mate and Bid Gambler. Neither Auto-Mate which does bid adjustments of the campaign on the fly, nor Bid Gambler which raises the bid and chases the clicks, will ever go above whatever setting or whatever dollar amount, euro amount, or pound amount you input in the Max Bid field.

Min. Bid $

1.5.6 – Min. Bid $

   Transcription:  The next one we need to know is Minimum Bid. Aside from any rule in automation our system has, this is the bid that we’ll never bid below within the campaign you’re setting up. As a default, we set 0.2. I’ll give a little bit an explanation. Let’s say, for example, that the average bid you’re receiving is 0.10, and your bid adjustment estimate is also 0.10, we

Max. Keyword Spend $

1.5.5 – Max. Keyword Spend $

   Transcription:  Here we want to know how much money you’re willing to spend on a keyword before pausing it if there are no sales. Why do we ask this? In my business, if I’m selling a product that costs $20 and it costs me $21 to get a sale, then this doesn’t make sense because I’m losing at least $1 every sale, and not to mention whatever

Min. Action Clicks #

1.5.4 – Min. Action Clicks #

   Transcription:  The next data we request is the Minimum Action Clicks. The Minimum Action Clicks by default is 10. it is the minimum amount of clicks our system waits for before taking any actions. With these settings on the screen, we’ll wait for 10 clicks before adjusting your bid. We will wait for 10 clicks before pausing a keyword if there are no sales. We will wait

Relevancy Trigger

1.5.3 – Relevancy Trigger

   Transcription:  The next update is that we introduced a Relevancy Box. Let’s see what the tool tip says: It is the number of sales in the past 60 days that are required to determine if a customer search term is relevant to the product. A value of zero (0) will disable the Keyword Miners. This box is very important. Some time ago we had a discussion on Facebook

Target Max. ACoS %

1.5.2 – Target Max. ACoS %

   Transcription:  Here, we need to know the Maximum ACoS allowed for a keyword. As a rule of a thumb, if you prefer to be aggressive, you should input your profit margin. If you want to rank fast and increase visibility, get traffic, get volume, get velocity, break even, you sure would want to input there your profit margin. If on the other hand you want to be

Threshold Builder

1.5.1 – Threshold Builder

 Resources: Click Here to Download Transcription:  Hello, and welcome to the Zon Tools Tips and Tricks Series. In this video, I’m going to show you how to use the Threshold Builder that I compiled for you guys. We’ll go through how to use the data that you already have for campaigns and products that you’re already running on your own set-up and use the data to fill in


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