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The next update is that we introduced a Relevancy Box. Let’s see what the tool tip says: It is the number of sales in the past 60 days that are required to determine if a customer search term is relevant to the product. A value of zero (0) will disable the Keyword Miners.

This box is very important. Some time ago we had a discussion on Facebook on how to decide relevancy of the customer search terms for the product. The best way to understand how relevant a custom search term for a product is, is how many sales it generated in a period of time.

So, we decided to use the last 60 days. We’ll ask you how many sales you need in order for the product or for that customer search terms to be deemed relevant and to be mined by Keyword Miner.

Most users use 2. By default we use 2 in all the accounts and all the campaigns. Whenever you’re phase matching a keyword, most probably, you may be able to put a relevancy trigger of 1 so that we could mine keywords more often. At the auto campaign level, you might want to use 2 or even 3. At the broad level, as well as the exact level, it is most likely 1.

My opinion is that you can keep two everywhere. Eventually, you might want to use 1 in all your exact campaigns as well as in the phrase campaigns in order to grow your core keywords organically quicker.

Know that you have the choice on the user end. You can choose how often you want to trigger the Keyword Miner and how soon you want to mine new customer search terms.

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