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The next data we request is the Minimum Action Clicks.

The Minimum Action Clicks by default is 10. it is the minimum amount of clicks our system waits for before taking any actions. With these settings on the screen, we’ll wait for 10 clicks before adjusting your bid. We will wait for 10 clicks before pausing a keyword if there are no sales. We will wait for 10 clicks before looking at the ACoS data of that keyword and pausing it if there are no sales.

Regarding the Maximum Spend, whichever comes first, it’s either you spend $20 or you get 10 clicks. Whichever comes first, we’re going to use it as a signal for pausing.

If you want to be more aggressive, if you want to gain more data before starting the automation, you should input 20, 30, 40 or even 100. So, we will wait for 100 clicks before the automation will start, which is too aggressive.

I will personally advice never to go over 20 because it could get out of control if we wait that long to take an action. 10 is a good enough value. If you want to be extremely conservative, you can use 5. I wouldn’t go less than 5 because 5 clicks are just enough data for our automation to start working and anything less might not be really reliable. This however, is for the USA. If you are in Europe, Europe has fewer volume of keywords. In general, it gets fewer clicks. In Europe you might want to use 5 as your default simply because there is less volume, especially in Spain, Italy, and France. Otherwise, just keep it at 10.

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