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1. Basic Tutorials

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Left Menu

1.4.2 – Overview

 Transcription: Hello and welcome to the Zon Tools tutorial series. In this video, I’m going to explain the left menu. The first feature of the left menu is Overview which I already explained to you in our first video. If you want to have an explanation of what this page shows you, please refer to the first video of this playlist or at the top of the page.  

Smart Navigation

1.4.1 – Smart Navigation

   Transcription:  In this video, I’m going to explain how to navigate from top to bottom within our campaign. We achieve this by using the little icons that you see under each name. Right now, we are at the campaign on the campaign page and we are showing this in a test account which has fake data. We are showing all the campaigns that are within this account.

How to Navigate our Platform

1.4 How to Navigate our Platform

1.4.1 – Smart Navigation 1.4.2 – Left Menu 1.4.3 – Product Groups (PGN) 1.4.4 – Campaigns 1.4.5 – Ad Groups 1.4.6 – Keywords 1.4.7 – Search Terms 1.4.8 – Products 1.4.9 – History Logs

Hover Over for Actionable Data

1.3.4 – Hover Over for Actionable Data

   Transcription: We made a hover effect on any data point that is editable directly from the spreadsheet. For instance, if you want to edit the budget, you don’t have to open the pop-up and go on the edit screen. You can simply double-click on the budget here, which will bring you where you should be, and here you can just change your budget and save it.

Data Discrepancy

1.3.2 – Data Discrepancy

  After you sign-up with us, our SLA with Amazon allows us to retrieve your data after 72 hours. We use Amazon’s API to retrieve data, and they offer 72 hours SLA*. Below is a snippet of our correspondence with the Amazon API team: “Our SLA* on performance metric is 24h.This means we may share up to date clicks, costs or impressions until after 24 hours. Furthermore, our SLA*

How to Read our Data Sets

1.3.1 – How to Read our Data Sets

   Transcription: Hello, and welcome to this video of the Zon Tools tutorial series. In this video I’ll explain how we present data, how you can read it, and what each of the elements mean. Right now, I chose to run this video at the campaign level. To get to the campaign level, you just open the left menu, click on campaigns, and you will be shown all

Enabled With Parent [State-Filter]

1.2.8 – Enabled With Parent [State Filter]

 Transcription:  This is yet another big one: Enable With Parent State Filter Wonder what this even means? Perhaps a demonstration would help. Let’s go to the keyword level. Right now, we’re showing you all the keywords. The State filter is not applied so, all the keywords within your account are displayed. Applying the filter option Archived only shows the archived keywords and we’ve got no results for Archived. Applying Paused shows only your


1.2.7 – Data Download

 Transcription:  Another awesome update is that you can download the data at any level, either after the advanced search or at the root level. Everything can be downloaded. Now, let’s see how it’s done. You just click the Export File, here at the top of the page. As you can see from the drop-down list, there are three possible formats; TXT is similar to most of the reports

Advanced Search

1.2.6 – Advanced Search

 Transcription: We offer you the Advanced Search. The first feature of the Advanced Search functionality is searching by match. So finally, you don’t get only broad terms but you get other terms. For instance,if I query “great product” exact match, the terminal or the software publishes only the exact match. But if you use phrase match, we will match everything that has a word before or after and find


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