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Welcome to this video of the Zon Tools tutorial series. In this video I’m going to summarize some of the recent updates on our platform.

The first one being the search term dashboard screen on your left menu. When you click it, it redirects to this page where we collect all your search term reports in one place. Also, we will give you a chance to see all your search terms in only one screen and allow you to filter them and sort them as you wish.

As you can see, they are organized into campaigns. Which campaign they belong to, which ad group they belong to, which keyword or which set of keywords generated them.

As shown here, Targeting auto means that this is the auto campaign. That’s our first update.

The second update we introduced is the threshold builder. The threshold builder can be reached by a link in the menu over here (Threshold Builder).

If you pop-up the rule editing screen, you see the threshold builder here. Click this, and it redirects to the threshold builder page. So, it’s handy. 





If you click on the search term and you go at grouping account level, we will aggregate all the search term report data and we will show you for each search term aggregated all the data across your campaigns, your ad groups, your auto campaign, and your different matches. And, we will show you in total that search term on how it performs.

Now, this is Account Level. If you click this one (find great product),a new window opens out showing a breakdown of that search term everywhere it appears, and overall, we can see that this search term has been performing at 12.73% ACoS. You have the option to optimize and negate what needs to be negated and not negate or mine it from wherever it needs to be mined. It’s very good.

Each campaign aggregates the search terms only within that campaign. For each ad group, we aggregate the terms just within that ad group. And for the keyword level the same applies. This is super cool.

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