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Hello, and welcome to the first video of our Zon.Tools tutorial series. In this video, I’m going to go over our overview page where we list all the automations that we can run on your account.

The first automation that I’m going to explain, is the Keyword Guardian.

The Keyword Guardian utilizes information based on the thresholds that you give to our system, which includes maximum spend without a sale, maximum ACoS, and also in a limited way, conversion rate. We look at the conversion rate for a very specific set of keywords, which I’m going to explain in one of the following videos.

Based on the thresholds you provide, we’ll go through your account several times a day and check for all the enabled keywords.

Whenever a keyword moves above your set threshold, we will pause it. At the same time, we’ll monitor all your paused keywords.

If a keyword registers a sale and moves back within your set threshold, we will re-enable the keyword.

You might ask, “Why do we monitor the paused keywords?” It is simply because Amazon provides data based on a 7-day conversion window. Amazon allows a customer up to 7 days after a click to buy an item.

Imagine the customer’s journey of it:

    • See the ad.


    • Click.


    • Look at the listings.


    • Decide to buy it.


    • Add to cart.


  • And, not always buying straight away.

So, what do they do? They allow this user up to 7 days. Assuming you spend 20 dollars a day on clicks and there’s no sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad keyword. That simply means that whoever clicked didn’t pay yet or didn’t buy yet and Amazon keeps the 7-day window open to register sales.

So, we go through all the paused keywords and if we see that sales data comes in and the ACoS drops within your set threshold, we will re-enable.

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