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Assuming you create a campaign on Amazon, push the data to our dashboard or create a set of PGNs or campaigns within our dashboard and the default bid, the campaigns and the keywords that are within the campaigns are too low to generate clicks, what Bit Gambler will do is to periodically look up the keywords that have not yet received a click, and increase the bid of a fixed amount which you provide to our system in order to achieve the first click.

This is based on the assumption that whatever keyword you give us or Amazon to run is the keyword that is relevant to the product which you expect a click on.

That being true, the only reason you’re not getting a click is that the ad is not showing in the right place. Or, you’re not bidding enough to show the ad in the right place.

That’s why we would periodically increase the bid until a click is recorded.

For example, this bid was raised to five dollars. If with a 5 dollar bid no clicks are recorded, the bid will not be raised higher.

And, bidding 5 dollars doesn’t mean you must pay the 5 dollars, because when no click is made, you pay nothing.

Despite that the name “Gambler” sounds risky, it doesn’t expose you to any risks because it works only on keywords that have not yet received any clicks. You don’t pay anything until you get a click.

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