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The next automation that I’ll explain is the Keyword Miner.

Keyword Miner does what any VA, business owner, or any PPC manager should always do. The Keyword Miner goes through your custom search term report several times a day and extracts all the terms that are converting within your given thresholds that we discussed previously, that are relevant to your product, and then adds them back to our system of campaigns.

What do I mean by system of campaigns? I refer to what we call PGNs. PGN stands for product group name.

Keyword Miner can only run on our system of campaigns.

When you create campaigns from within our system, we will create a specific set of campaigns for you: exact phrase, broad, and how to campaigns, and we will manage all within this ecosystem for campaigns.

We will manage biddings, negative terms, and keyword mining.

Because we create this set for you, we know how it is structured. We can look for relevant custom search terms and add them back, knowing that we know where to add them, and that adding them back will not affect the performance of your products or of your campaign.

Whenever we find the term, we put it back in the exact campaign, and in the exact match – with the broad campaign in the broad match and the phrase campaign in the phrase match, as well as neglecting it at the exact match within the phrase campaign and at the phrase match within the broad campaign. This will allow you and the system  to have an extremely segmented set of campaigns.

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