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This is yet another big one: Enable With Parent State Filter

Wonder what this even means?

Perhaps a demonstration would help. Let’s go to the keyword level. Right now, we’re showing you all the keywords. The State filter is not applied so, all the keywords within your account are displayed.

Applying the filter option Archived only shows the archived keywords and we’ve got no results for ArchivedApplying Paused shows only your paused keywords. Again, there are no paused keywords over here. Applying Enabled shows all the enabled keywords.

The problem with showing all the enabled keywords is that we’re also showing you the enabled keywords that are contained within paused campaigns or ad groups. All the enabled keywords are shown, regardless of whether the parent is paused or not. And this might not be useful. It might not be something you would like to see.

To overcome this challenge, we added another filter called Enable With Parent State.

It simply shows the enabled keywords that have a parent enabled, the enabled keywords that are actually enabled because both the ad group and the campaign are also enabled.

This is quite better, and allows for faster navigation of your data.

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