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Hello, and welcome to another video of the Zon Tools PGN Tutorial Series. In this video I’m going to show you what actions can be applied on your existing PGNs created within our system.

On your existing PGN, you can add additional SKUs. So, let’s say that you launched a PGN for one product that you offer only in black. Then, you decided to launch a white variation.

To do this, click Add SKU, Select Add New. From the list, select the product you’re launching a new variation on. Let’s say “Silicon Spatula”.

Then, enter “White Spatula” and input an SKU of the new product you’re adding within the ecosystem in the PGN.

Once you click Save New, the automation will find all the campaigns in the PGN: Auto, Broad, Phrase, Exact, including the Ad Groups within those campaigns, and will add the SKU to them.

In case this SKU you’re trying to add is out of stock and has been retired by Amazon because they’re investigating it, or sometimes when the product does not have a buy box, Amazon might choose to give as an error. You might choose not to add that SKU. So whenever you do this, please always double-check what action was taken on Amazon because it’s not on us. We just send the action to Amazon. Based on the characteristics and status of this SKU you try to add, it’s up to Amazon to decide whether to add it or not.

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