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The second one is Add Keyword. If you followed the previous video, you know that I always advise to start the PGN with 5 to 10 high volume, high relevancy keywords and let the PGN system grow organically from there. Sometimes it works out well, some other times it doesn’t.

So if after a week or a few days you accessed that the PGN is not getting enough traffic or visibility, or you were expecting the PGN to get a click, what you will want to do is to add new keywords to the full PGN ecosystem. That can be done here.

Here, click Add New Keywords and select whatever PGN you want to add the keywords to. You add the keywords here – KW2 and so on. Save this.

We’ll put all the keywords in their relevant matches, in their relevant campaigns and negate them where needed, making sure that you don’t have double keywords in the same match Ad Groups, and you don’t bid on the same customer search term across the four different containers, the Auto, Broad, Exact and Phrase.

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