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Go to the PGN level which is Product Group, click the edit action icon and go to the Edit screen.

Here you can edit the total daily budget and the default bid as well as change names. So, if you were to add ‘silicon spatula’, and for instance, you’re running a new process or have new people, and you want to add the SKU to this specific PGN within the names of everything inside the PGN, in order for your team to understand what product this SKU is, just go here, and click Save Record. I just simply added the word SKU in the middle.

These are the confirmations. The top two shows that we pushed everything back to Amazon and the bottom two shows we downloaded them back.

Earlier, at the campaign level we had ‘silicon spatula’-“match” but now after refreshing the page, it’s changed to ‘slicon SKU spatula’-Broad. We edited everything as requested.

Also, if you move one level down and display all the Ad Groups within this PGN, you see that earlier, we had ‘silicon spatula’ as the name but it’s now named ‘silicon SKU spatula’.

Basically, we took your request of changing name and pushed it down within the ecosystem so that everything that we’ve previously named one way within the ecosystem is changed to your new naming at the click of a button, without you going over to every single campaign and Ad Group.

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