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Your product PGN can be seen in two places.

If you simply go to the Campaigns page and like I advised, search for zt, you’ll see what the PGN has done. The PGN has created four campaigns for you. Every campaign has a maximum spend of $15 and a maximum ACoS of 30%. Although the Auto campaign shows Unset here, it is also set to the 30% ACoS threshold.

If you go to your Product Group dashboard, you’ll find a product group named TEST Spatula. Because it is a new PGN we don’t have any statistics. For that we’ll merge and sum up the statistics of all four campaigns within the PGN and show you in a very clear and easy-to-understand way, how the whole ecosystem of the PGN is performing. You’ll see if you’re reaching your goals or not.

To see what we did, you can click on the Ad Groups. This will bring you to the Campaign level (There is a specific video on how to navigate our platform). I’ll click on the red icon which will show me the Ad Groups. You’ll see all the four Ad Groups within the PGN with their default bids. As you can see, the default bids have been staggered by our system as follows: $1 in the Exact, $0.75 in the Phrase, $0.50 in Broad, and $0.25 in the Auto.

If I go back to the PGN level and look at the campaigns inside the PGN, you’ll see that the campaign budget has also been staggered. The highest budget went to the Exact, 30% to the Phrase, 20% to the Broad, and 10% to the Auto.

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