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Select Advanced Search, click Stats…

I’m interested in finding all the keywords that have ACoS 7 days that is within my profitability. So, let’s call it 15% for this product just to be random. Select lower than or equal to 15%. The relevancy is 3 or 2.

I’m looking for stuff that has at least two sales. For these two, I’ll check the order 7th same SKU for this because it is even more relevant to the product. Select greater than or equal to 2 order on the same SKU.

I’ll run the search and we’re going to get a bunch of search terms, hopefully this search is going to work. And it did work. We have exactly 42 results. So these search terms are within my ACoS limit and they are highly relevant because I have two orders all of the same SKUs.

What can you do now? Ideally, you might want to start a PGN with them, right? 

With the Bulk Edit, select all the boxes and click Add New. Let’s say you want to create a new PGN out of those new keywords, you just click here (Add New Product Group). As you see, they are already populated in over here, which seems extremely simple to you guys and an operator but it took some time for us to get it done.

We’re very happy about this achievement and of course, you may enter whatever you want on the PGN and save it.

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