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Daily Budget: is the daily budget for the whole ecosystem, not for one campaign but how much you want to spend for this product across the whole PGN. If you specify a $100 daily budget, we’ll stagger it and bid 40% of it on the Exact Campaign, 30% on the Phrase, 20% on Broad, and 10% on the Auto. It becomes $40 on Exact, $30 on Phrase, $20 on Broad, and $10 on Auto. We do this for you because having worked with hundreds of users, we’ve seen that this is pretty much what you’d do if we didn’t stagger everything.

Bid Increment: by default is 0.11. After a certain amount of clicks that you define under Min Action Clicks, in this case, after 10 clicks, we’ll observe your Average Bid, and add add this (0.11) to your current bid. Again, I’ve covered more of this in-depth in another video. You may want to check it out to learn how to set the rules on your existing campaigns.

Minimum Bid is the absolute minimum bid that our tool will set within this PGN. Again, it is well covered in the other videos. The default is 0.2.

Minimum Conversion Rate, by default is zero (0). It’s also been covered in another video. Please check it out.

Basically, aside from the Max Spend and the Target ACoS, I set everything to default.

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