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If the Sync button is on, we will push this data to Amazon. We will create all the ecosystem of the PGNs, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, all the biddings and everything for you and then, we will sync back to our dashboard. We’ll download everything back to our dashboard so you don’t have to anymore.

This is good if you’re creating and working only on one PGN but it takes some time. Generally, it takes about 20 seconds to push everything to Amazon and download back. The more keywords and SKUs you have, the more time it takes to download it back.

If you’re to create more than a PGN, say 10 PGNs one after the other, my advice will be to switch the Sync off and just push all of the data to Amazon and once you’re done creating all the 5, 10, 11, or 20 PGNs, sync all the data at once from within our platform which will streamline your work process and make everything much faster.

But for the sake of presentation, right now, I want to sync everything back so I can show you what happens. So I’m going to save this product group and as you see, the dashboard is processing and I’m going to pause the video for now. It took about 10 seconds. Once the PGN is saved you’ll get a notification.

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