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Bulk Edit Rules will allow you, users, to take bulk action on our rules. Let’s see how it works…

Let’s say for example, we are working at the keyword level and are looking at all the keywords of this “silicon product” campaign, we’ll either select all the keywords or only a few of the keywords. Assuming we put a threshold of 26% ACoS as you can see here, while the true ACoS of these is 27, 28, 30 and 40. Let’s assume that you will want to have a higher ACoS only for this three keywords. So, you can select the first 3 keywords.

Then, select Bulk Actions, select Bulk Rule Editor, and tell the system that for these three keywords, we’re only going to edit the maximum ACoS which will be changed to 50%. As long as you leave all other fields blank, we will Bulk Edit only the field(s) specified.

In this case we’ll bulk edit only the ACoS of the three keywords, adjusting it to 50. As you can see right now, these are the three keywords that were customized and they all have the 50% ACoS.

Let’s say you changed your mind and want to bulk edit it back to the way it used to be which is Max ACoS of 26, we also have a new feature which will bring them back as non-customized, as shown here. We revert it to non-customization as long as your thresholds do not differ from the assignment or the campaign or ad group above you.

Again, to see what else is available, I’m going to select those three. You can edit Max ACoS, Max Spend, Min Bid, Max Bid, Action Clicks, Min Conversion Rate, Bid Increment, and Relevancy Trigger. All our 8 thresholds can be bulk edited all at once or on selected ones.

As for the actions available, you can change to a fixed number, increase to a fixed amount, increase by a percentage amount, decrease to a fixed amount, decrease by a percentage amount, or unset. With Unset, you input zero (0) which means we will stop certain automations depending on where you use the 0.

One more thing to add is that you can deactivate all the rules for most of the specific keywords in bulkwithout the need of going into the item to do it one by one.

You can also override. In this case you cannot because we’re at the keyword level but in a campaign level or above, you can override and customize an item with the switch. This means that if you have a keyword that is customized, we generally wouldn’t override it. But if you switch it on, we will override the specific threshold that you asked us to override, even for the item that is customized.  

I’ve been discussing at the keyword level but the bulk rule editor works at PGN, Keyword, Campaign and Ad Group levels. 

As far as the selective rule bulk editor is concerned, this is it.

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