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We added a new automation called Auto-Mate.

Auto-Mate basically adjusts your bid on the fly based on your auto ACoS performances.

So, if you’re bidding $1 and your ACoS is well below your threshold, we will raise your bid, assuming that a higher bid will generate more impression and traffic, and will move your auto campaign ACoS more towards your target.

If we overspend, and your ACoS goes up, we will not drive the bid up. Auto-Mate like everything works several times a day to adjust your bids on the fly, the auto campaign bids up and down in order for you to reach your ACoS goal.

In order to properly set Auto-Mate, we need two statistics. For example, this campaign hasn’t been set. To setup Auto-Mate, the only data we need is for you to tell us what ACoS you want to keep the auto campaign at, as well as the maximum bid.

Right now, we’d be setting up this auto campaign. The target ACoS is 25% and the Maximum Bid is $2.

Our software will work within this threshold. We will keep raising or dropping the bid in order to maintain the ACoS around the 25% mark. And, we will not bid more than $2. 

Now the rule is saved, and this auto campaign bidding is automated and will start running right away.

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