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The last of the automations is the Term-Inator.

The Term-Inator performs the exact opposite of the function carried out by the Keyword Miner.

Term-iInator works only within our PGNs. Term-Inator constantly goes through your custom search term report  and identifies custom search terms that are either not converting at all or are converting but not doing so within your set thresholds.

What we do is to add them as negative within our PGN system, as well as in the auto campaign, the broad campaign as exact match, and the phrase campaign as exact match. We do not add them in the exact campaign yet simply because, as discussed earlier on the Keyword Guardian, there is a delay in how Amazon assigns search terms.

We want to keep the exact campaign untouched because if that’s not the case and the same search term the Term-Inator negated across three campaigns turns out to be a good term, we will still continue adding it as positive in our campaign. This is the work of the Term-Inator.

As I said, the Term-Inator currently can work only on the campaigns that are generated within our system, which we call PGNs. Simply because although, technically we can read the custom search term report and we do read the custom search term report of your existing campaigns, we have no idea of your setup. So, adding back the negative terms might be harmful to the performance of your set-up or whatever strategy you are running outside of our platform.

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