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Once the first click is received, Bid Gambler automatically deactivates itself and Bid Nailer starts.

Bid Nailer waits for a specific amount of clicks that you provided us.

By default, our system waits for 10 clicks but it could be 5, 8, 10, 15, or 20, it doesn’t really matter.

After Bit Gambler generates the first click, Bit Nailer waits for a fixed number of clicks before using your average cost per click, and updating the bid based on your average cost per click plus a fixed amount which is the same fixed amount that Bit Gambler added to the bids.

Now, why does Bit Nailer work on the average cost per click and add a fixed amount to the average?

Suppose you bid 2 dollars, and the average cost per click is 1 dollar, and you were just to update your bid to 1 dollar, basing your decision on just the average cost per click, your next average cost per click will drop to 0.7 or somewhere around there. If this continues, then your bid will eventually be reduced to zero and you will lose visibility, volume, and sales on that specific keyword.

What we do to win and stay relevant is to consider the average cost per click, which is what the market says is the right price to pay for a click, and then bid a little bit above it.

This is done by our Bid Nailer.

With Bid Nailer you will decide on how much more than the average you want to bid in order to keep your average cost per click stable and avoid losing against your competition.

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